How to Sell an RV…We Don't Know!

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We’ve had our RV listed for sale for over 2 months. In this video we share everything we have tried to do to find a new owner for our 30 foot travel trailer. Let us know in the comments if you have any suggestions.


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14 replies
  1. Alex G
    Alex G says:

    I would take down this video because :
    1) It states that it hard to sell buyers want to think if we don’t like it we can resell it.
    2) It takes up room in driveway Buyer thinks 🤔 hmmm
    3) We will have more money in our bank account again buyer thinking 🤔 maybe I should keep my money
    Put up a video stating all things you love about the trailer- act excited

  2. NoStress90s
    NoStress90s says:

    the problem here is 1) the interior looks to much like a house. if i was looking to buy one, id want one to look original on the inside. thats just me though. 2) i know a lot of work is done to it, but that price has got to go down a bit. 13,500 is just about 3/4 of the price of a brand new 2020 18ft – 20ft travel trailer, your potential buyers probably just ended up buying brand new

  3. NC 3 RV
    NC 3 RV says:

    We sold 2 travel trailers in one year. Both within a month or so after listing. We staged the campers and they had sheets and mattresses etc as well as TV included. Even staged the outside with the awning open and chairs set up. Staging is definelty a good thing because it gives people a better idea of the potential. My two cents worth. Good luck.

  4. Rae B
    Rae B says:

    I've never tried to sell an RV before, so this is just second hand….But, someone told me that the best time to advertise hard is after the first of the year (Jan/Feb) as people are starting to think about how they're going to spend their tax return. And then it should sell in spring as people start dreaming of summer vacations 👍🏼👍🏼 I'm also not sure what the rules are for posting Craigslist ads in other cities, but I know a lot of people will drive long distances if they find one they like. 😊😊❤️❤️

  5. HighDesert Rob
    HighDesert Rob says:

    I would wait until Spring to sell your RV. The best time to sell RV’s, boats, motorcycles, etc. is in the Spring time when people are getting the fever to travel, fish, ride, etc. I would venture to say that you’ll get a better offer in the Spring as well, because people shopping in the winter are going to try and beat you down on the price because they know this isn’t the buying season for these type of things and are hoping people will take less just to get rid of them. Just like there is a time of year to buy furniture and automobiles. It’s all cyclical. The other headwinds you have at this time of year is the holidays. People are busy with Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year and family. Also, when you advertise I would put in the ad that you hold the pink slip. Nothing more annoying than someone who has a bank loan so that turns into a hassle. I’m not willing to deal with those hassles, but some people are. Good luck!!!!

  6. Mo Mousa - One True Loan
    Mo Mousa - One True Loan says:

    You two may want to look into consignment with a reputable dealership or talk to an RV dealerahips to see the price range they would purchase your RV for, so you can have an idea of what they will buy it for. I've seen cases where certain dealership will pay what you want because book of network may be looking for a specific type such your RV


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