How To Reseal RV Corner Molding


In this RV DIY® video host Mark Polk, with RV Education 101, demonstrates how to reseal RV corner molding using Seal-Tite™ Corner Seal.

Since filming this video there is a new Corner Seal Kit available with everything you need to repair and reseal RV corners. For information on where to purchase the Corner Seal Kit visit

To watch a new Corner Seal Kit installation video visit

Happy Camping,
Mark Polk

RV Education 101
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21 replies
  1. Sloppy Turtle
    Sloppy Turtle says:

    nice. Now WHY don't they just put this stuff on at the factory? Probably because they're hoping the RVs won't last…… so people will have to buy another one….. planned obsolescence.

  2. Canadian Man
    Canadian Man says:

    Thank-you for sharing this . I just bought an older motor home that needs to have this done ( as well as other things ). Now I am able to do it right and it will last many more years .

  3. Boondocking Mainah's
    Boondocking Mainah's says:

    We have a 2015 coleman cf16fb tt ! the other day i noticed a small area were the rubber roof mates to the aluminum corigated siding paint blisters ! i quickly went inside and after examination small areas of my ceiling and wall ! im a diy'er what would you do ?

  4. Subscribe or 5 Years Bad Luck
    Subscribe or 5 Years Bad Luck says:

    Hello, wondering if you might be able to help me…so i just bought a 2007 itsica spirit Winnebago and it was in a flood about 6 months ago. The original owner said it sat in 5 ft. Water for 3 days. The stove, microwave, and electrical still work, but it doesn’t drive. I am wanting to have the engine fixed…so I guess what I’m asking is, can this Winnebago withstand flood waters like this and comeback to being a good and save motor home? The engine has 60k miles on it.


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