How to Replace RV Patio Awning Fabric – NEW EASIER METHOD! Dometic / A&E Manual Awning + BLOOPERS!


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We’ve demonstrated how to replace the fabric on many awnings & slide toppers. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on replacing the fabric on a Dometic / A&E manual pull-down RV awning, installed on Tom & Cait Morton’s 5th wheel.

This is a new, easier technique to replace the way we did this same awning model last time:

Check out Tom & Caitlin’s version of this installation here:

Our Entire Awning & Slide Topper Replacement Playlist:

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28 replies
  1. Rocky Wilson
    Rocky Wilson says:

    Ok so my son "accidentally" switched the lever to "roll down" when doing the tension bar which unwound all the way. (Spun vice grips like a helicopter blade)… now there's no count on wounds. No tension. What should I do?

  2. Mike Hinsley
    Mike Hinsley says:

    I never post anything, but had to make an exception here… Great how-to video! It saved us some money by not having to hire the local RV repair shop to do the work (plus they couldn't have gotten the RV in to do the job for weeks!) We watched the video this afternoon and then replaced the awning on our Class A motorhome this evening. The job turned out to be pretty easy to do, considering I didn't have a clue how to do it prior to watching this video. Way to go guys. Great job!

  3. stanggangperformance
    stanggangperformance says:

    Thanks for the vid it helped a lot since I knew absolutely nothing about a awning. I did however find a even easier way. Once the pole is slid on I lowered the poles and hooked them up on the ground then let the pin out and let it roll itself up instead of climbing latter while rolling it.

  4. Jesse Samson
    Jesse Samson says:

    My wife and I are senior citizens, and we replaced our awning today. It took three hours, but we had pre-existing hiccups to work out. A sudden wind storm ripped our awning in two, which left our tension springs in the "extended" position. I released tension from both ends, and started fresh. This video helped "de-mystify" the situation. We only made one mistake…we forgot to install the pull down strap before rolling up the awning and setting it in place. Thanks for taking the time to make the video.

  5. john carver
    john carver says:

    i dont believe this is right, you already wound the springs with the tension in the unrolled position but yet you put it back on in the rolled up position, this will cause way to mych tension on the awning

  6. Chris Lester
    Chris Lester says:

    Great video, thank you. I do have 1 question. I have one side awning that the end caps need to be replaced. How would I go about that? Do you also have a video on it? Thank again

  7. Jonathan Labaya
    Jonathan Labaya says:

    Great Video, I had bought a replacement awning for my trailer a couple of years ago but was a little hesitant to take this project on. After watching your video I figured what the hell and gave it a shot today. Everything went great. followed your video step by step and everything went exactly like the video showed. Thanks for posting this, it was a huge help!!!

  8. Donald Schultheiss
    Donald Schultheiss says:

    You did everything correct I am a rv tech of 20 years the only thing I do different is I file the awning tube tracks so they don’t catch and tear the new awning fabric as you slid the tube back on to the tube also please be careful when putting tension back on the spring have seen broken fingers and hands and vice grips sticking into the sides of units if you slip or let go

  9. Sheryll Ann
    Sheryll Ann says:

    Hi there… I have a Dometic 9100 electric patio awning. I can't find 1 darn video on how to change the fabric for this model. Do you happen to have one or know where to send me to find one???? Thanks a million Sheryll

  10. Fantastique Berliotz
    Fantastique Berliotz says:

    Another awesome video! I'm a new subscriber so I'll have to peruse your videos. Hopefully you'll have one that shows how to fix the frame when part of it is separating from the RV wall. That's the problem we've discovered on our camper.

  11. Working to Relax
    Working to Relax says:

    I saw Tom and Kate’s video with you guys doing this exchange of the fabrics. Something you can try next time on an old school manual awning is take the flap from a cardboard box and cut it off. The longer ones work best. Place it between the inner and out arm and close the arms on it. This is a safe gentle way to center the arms exactly where they need to be. Also looks like there awning could stand be be adjusted up one hole higher on the stops. Loving what I’m see. I used this method my self to change a fabric last week at work with no help from anyone.

  12. Doug Horn
    Doug Horn says:

    I watched your original video and learned a lot about my awning. This time I learned about the spring on the right. I didn't know there was such a thing. Maybe more about this in a future video?? Are you sure this method is easier?


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