How To Level Your RV Fast And Accurate!


How to level your RV easily every time can be quick and efficient. There are many ways to level your RV or Camper, we thought we would share what we have found to be the fastest and most accurate way to level our RV. We Use the Anderson Levelers and the Level Mate Pro with the app.

Level Mate Pro .
Andreson Camper Leveler .
Good ol bubble level .
Ti Lynx blocks

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37 replies
  1. Ken Sorg
    Ken Sorg says:

    I just ordered the Anderson leveling system and the level pro. I cannot wait to see how quickly we can level when we start our adventures for 2019.

  2. therazorbackfan5
    therazorbackfan5 says:

    Hey man enjoy your videos! We bought the levelmate pro for our travel trailer, and was wondering if you have to reprogram level when you change the batteries on the device? Thanks

  3. Anthony
    Anthony says:

    Hello, I'm attempting to establish baseline level but having difficulty. Using a 4ft. carpenter level on the floor I can get a level reading. But if I move the level to a nearby area on the floor, it may show a half bubble off (without turning level around or upside down),  that is, just sliding the level to a different area on the floor. What is a surefire way to determine a perfectly level rig,  or at least as close to perfect as one can get?

  4. Rod Anderson
    Rod Anderson says:

    Not buying anything from Andersen Hitches including their red levelers. Just Google "Ryan Andersen defacing the Corona Arch" to see what that guy did. (Owner of Andersen Hitches)

  5. B G
    B G says:

    Jerrod, quick question….  when you pull into your site, do you put the Anderson Levelers or blocks in place, then extend all slides, and THEN use the LMPro app to find zero.  Sounds like a silly question.  I just bought the LMPro and have not set it up yet.  Thanks.  Safe Travels.  BG

  6. Paul Smith
    Paul Smith says:

    I agree in using the Level Mate Pro, it's revolutionary and so simple to use. Saves me a huge amount of leveling time in that it tells exactly how many inches (or centimeters) from side to side or front to back the RV needs to be. Thanks for the post!

  7. Brian Beardall
    Brian Beardall says:

    I level my trailer similar to you too. Side to side then front to back. The only difference is I use a bubble level instead of Level Mate Pro. Still pretty fast with those Andersen wheel levelers.

  8. NonRev
    NonRev says:

    Combined with the Anderson this is by far the easiest, quickest, and can be done by one person without even getting out of truck. Even with auto level system you want to get close if you can. This is just simple. Great job.

  9. Roy Davis
    Roy Davis says:

    I've been doing this so long that we had a glass with multi-color bands for years that we'd put water to the line. Then we set it in the middle of the floor and my wife would tell me when it was level. Now we have a motorhome with auto-leveling system but I still think of the class every time we park.

  10. Rychard Freedom
    Rychard Freedom says:

    Very cool leveler if you have a Smart Phone. I purchased an RV Easy Level for about $30.00. It has 4 legs & uses green lights for level & red lights for unlevel. I set it on the floor and my wife watches through the screen door (with a walkie talkie) to communicate the best positioning. I use the square waffles to level L to R as needed. Then I use metal ratcheting tire stabilizers between the tires. I have had my trailer walk on me once, so the stabilizers completely immobilize wheel movement. Then I level the F & R. A little more time, but very safe.

  11. Mark Oliver
    Mark Oliver says:

    Jerald, I pick up a 2019 Keystone Montana 3120RL on Friday. The 5th wheel has self-leveling jacks. Would you say that the self-leveling system in the 5th wheel is the same as the device you showcased, and would it be overkill to have both?


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