How to Get Your RV UNSTUCK | Cedar Point


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Never a dull moment! We managed to get our Ford F450 and Grand Design Momentum 399 stuck in the wet grass just outside of Sandusky Ohio. The rain this season has been relentless and our timing of checking into a grass site (on low ground) while having two days of non-stop rain was not great. We tried everything we could to get unstuck before giving up and paying the wrecker to pull us out. There is a silver lining… we’ve avoided several grass sites this season with our new found experience of checking the weather and looking for other options when picking sites. I believe the quote is, “nothing beats experience”.

We also enjoyed Cedar Point theme park and staying on-site, despite the rates. We’ve been told to visit Cedar Point in Sandusky about 1,000 times so we were sure not to miss it!

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33 replies
  1. Keep Your Daydream
    Keep Your Daydream says:

    Just for clarification, we have towing insurance, just not Good Sam, which was the only insurance this guy took (We didn't call him). We could submit the bill to our insurance company and now this video has reminded me to do that!

  2. Joe Corley
    Joe Corley says:

    My wife and I have finally after about 6-8 months of looking have decided on a camper, much like yours it is pretty big 44'-7" exterior length to be exact. With that said, I am wondering if you guys have had any problems with campgrounds or anywhere else for that matter due to the length / size of the camper and / or over all length of your entire rig. Thanks in advance for any words of wisdom you can bestow upon me!

  3. Tony Poole
    Tony Poole says:

    Trish is so beautiful and supportive in your full time RV life. You're a lucky and fortunate man. I had a beautiful wife of 31 years together. She didn't see or understand my dreams of RVING full time. Needless to say. I'm living my dream with a little 9lb fur baby. I miss my soon to be ex-wife but I'm happy in retirement.

  4. Eric Wilson
    Eric Wilson says:

    I have watched jaw since season 1 new subscriber we have bought our very first camper this week can't go full time but it's a start wouldn't have done it without watching y'all show thank you

  5. Paul Hicks
    Paul Hicks says:

    Why not use the tractor that pulled the truck out? Also you could have pull the truck up unhitched backed onto the boards. Re hitched then with the help of the tractor crawled out to the road.

  6. G. P.
    G. P. says:

    Fabulous video!!! Can't get over Carsons catch!! Amazing!! RV getting stuck like that, great content and learning info!! You guys are amazing!! Love Charlie!!

  7. james schnell
    james schnell says:

    just wondering were you guys work for I been wanting to go rving and work from home hope you can give me some advice on this would help out and hope to see you all out on the road me and my family is going to the state park at end of this mouth

  8. Todd Hoffmaster
    Todd Hoffmaster says:

    Just talked to some friends of ours and they are staying in your Flagstaff house this weekend. They love it. Actually the quote is " This place is Badass!" His wife wants to buy it… We had recommended it to them a few months back when they were looking for a good place to stay with their family for the weekend.

  9. jb bloom
    jb bloom says:

    What??? You were in Elkhart….. I would have loved to have met you guys… I have a 50amp hook up in my drive and you could have stayed for free!! And we could have thrown some burgers on the grill. Well, maybe another time. Be safe in your travels

  10. Carmen Vackar
    Carmen Vackar says:

    Oh my gosh the wallet story had me laughing and in awe! Way to go Carson! Reflexes of a NINJA ! Lol! And oh my gosh Mark. Only YOU would have the boys jogging 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️from ride to ride! 🎢🎡🎢 You are as efficient as a well oiled machine! 😂😂😂 Definitely a nail biting episode! I was wide-eyed and rooting for you guys to get UN-stuck! Xoxo

  11. Everette Pfennig Jr.
    Everette Pfennig Jr. says:

    I was in a walmart the other day (in Reno NV.) and saw a rig like yours and followed it to say hi and when I pulled up the guy (obviously) wasn't you lol but was a good sport and we talked a bit about his rig. Oh well some day! Happy traveling!

  12. Hittman45
    Hittman45 says:

    It seems to me, that if the RV park provided that space for you, then you get stuck. Maybe they should be paying for your tow, as it looks like this is a common problem for them, just saying. Safe travels!


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