How To Get More Water Pressure In Your RV Shower – Oxygenics Shower Install


We replaced the plastic shower head and shower faucet in our RV with new brushed nickel fixtures from Oxygenics and Dura Faucet. The new shower head claims to use less water and produce more pressure so we put it to the test.

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We had heard great things about the Oxygenics shower head from fellow Rvers and decided to give it a try. The new shower head uses patented technology to infuse oxygen into the water to increase spray velocity and produce a high flow shower even with low water pressure.

We also found a matching shower faucet with a brushed nickel finish to complement the new shower head. It is made of lightweight plastic, but looks like finished metal.

Both items featured in the video purchased on Amazon.
Oxygenics Shower Head (
Dura Faucet RV Shower Faucet (

The installation of the new fixtures was as easy as unscrewing the old fixtures and hooking up the new ones. Even novice Do It Yourselfers can take on this project with great success. You’ll love the result.

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  1. Al D
    Al D says:

    It seems that lots of RVers tout the Oxygenics shower head for water savings, but as your video showed, it really didn't save that much water. That's disappointing. But it definitely looks better than the original setup.

  2. newsveteran
    newsveteran says:

    Um… does it um… fit any um…. standard um…. RV shower connection or um… do you have to um… have a dedicated um … shower faucet? Also, um… there's no such thing as a "hot water heater." It's a "water heater." There's no need to heat hot water.

  3. Kenneth Mack
    Kenneth Mack says:

    Video is over two years old so I don't know if this question can be answered but the shower head holder had a place for two screws, did you only put one screw in??? It seemed to wobble in the video? This was the only confusing part for me.

  4. Jim Shireman
    Jim Shireman says:

    I own a Jayco TT and wondered how you found the replacement faucet assembly for your rig. Did you go to through the RV manufacturer or another 3rd party manufacturer? I would like to replace the plastic faucets in our rig also.

  5. Gary747
    Gary747 says:

    By design and by RV plumbing standards, all shower heads that have an "on/off" button at the handle MUST allow a small amount of water leakage (dribble) when in the "off" position.  You will also notice this on all outdoor shower heads.  This design is to help prevent scalding accidents when the hot and cold water is not allowed to mix while the shower button is turned off.

  6. AaronzDad
    AaronzDad says:

    NO! NO! NO! You fail plumbing school at 1:45
    NEVER use ANY thread treatment on a compression fitting! The only purpose of the threads in a compression fitting is to provide mechanical force on the seal components. Teflon or any other thread sealers actually REDUCE the effectiveness of the seal and can cause problems.
    Thread sealers are only used when the threads are truly providing the seal – hence "thread sealer".

  7. Frank Posterello
    Frank Posterello says:

    Nice review.  I was hoping you'd also show the on off button in operation… I read a review that says it doesn't turn it all the way off – have you tried it?
    Thanks.  btw – the showerhead is still plastic, right?

  8. volfan1nga
    volfan1nga says:

    I did this upgrade and it is pretty awesome. But two things I would point out; 1) I also upgraded my city water hookup to a SurFlo with built in pressure regulator and I got rid of the blue (sometimes white) canister filter that almost everyone uses. 2) The hose that came with the Oxygenics shower broke at the coupling during our second trip with it. I bought a $10 all metal hose at Camping World and all is good now. RVs can handle up to 85psi water pressure. The gold regulator that most people use limits you to 40 psi. Between that and the canister filter that really limits flow, you're never gonna have a nice shower. Now we love it!


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