Hilarious RV Tour of our Fulltime Life in a Travel Trailer (Keep Your Daydream)


Must see RV tour! This is how our big family of 5 + our dog lives fulltime in our RV. After 5 months of travel, we’re sharing some RV Living Hacks and how we are making he most of our tiny space.

Travel Trailer Model: 28 Foot Pacific Coachwork’s Northland 28DBSS

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  1. Ryan Dillashaw
    Ryan Dillashaw says:

    Great video. I've been living in a 30+ ft travel trailer for about 5 months now. And I use a lot of the same tricks. Velcro is a miracle, cabinet lights are a must. And owning a Swiffer makes life so much easier.
    I'm saving some $ now. I plan on getting a new truck and hitting the road. I want to do a vlog and find a few ways to make enough money. So I can stay traveling and see the country. So do you or anyone else reading this comment. Have any suggestions for me. On how I can make money traveling and start an RV traveling vlog?

  2. Amy Pletcher
    Amy Pletcher says:

    I love this video and the way you organized your camper. I know you don't have this Northland t.t. anymore but I love the cabinets and counter location so I was looking for that style for us. We have 5 sometimes 6 on our family. Does the bunked section where Tori sleeps have a bed above? How big would it hold someone? I happen to come acrossed a camper just like yours in Arizona!!!! We don't live close at ALL to you though. So I have to found one really similar closer to us. Did your boys sleep one on the couch and one fold down the dinette table or do you leave it up? Last question, on the outside there is a little mini door with a window looks like it is under the bunkend? Where does it go to? Thanks for answering my questions!!!😁

  3. Michael Holland
    Michael Holland says:

    Thanks so much for your oh so helpful videos! We are first time soon to be RV buyers and have learned so much from you all which has become priceless. Going to class to learn this new world has been a joy! Any pointers on RV park locating websites that are free? Thank you for all you do for the RV life!!! Mike & Lisa

  4. Melly Ross
    Melly Ross says:

    Omg this has been so helpful! We are a few weeks into our first tt trip…we literally picked this guy up on the way to our destination. We do love it, but it has taken some getting used to for sure! I found your channel very recently and have just really enjoyed you guys! This video was so helpful because your camper here is just a tad bigger than ours. Definitely gonna invest in some of these storage ideas!

  5. Kathleen Segura
    Kathleen Segura says:

    I work in a funeral home and was laughing out loud as I watched this…oops! It did say hilarious, I just wasn't expecting it to actually be funny.  We plan to start our fulltime RV life next spring which is why I came out of teacher retirement and started working again to save up some extra $$$.  I watch you guys all the time, you are so entertaining and informative!

  6. Bethany Clinton
    Bethany Clinton says:

    I love all the pop ins of movies and commercials, so funny and true lol, we live in a fifth wheel and I love watching you guys and getting ideas from you guys, you guys have great personalities

  7. The Productive Mama
    The Productive Mama says:

    This is amazing! We are in the market for an RV and I’m loving seeing how you utilize each space. I’m trying to convince my husband to live in our camper while we move across country, verses hotel living.

  8. Cameron Hollis
    Cameron Hollis says:

    To help with space in the kitchen, swap out the faucet for one that uses one of the three holes. Use the remaining two holes to add built in hand soap and dish soap dispensers. Buy a butcher block cutting board add it to the end of the counter as a flip up countertop extension. Place your trash can under the flip up extension to free up under sink space. In the bathroom you can add hotel style towel rack. Just make sure to mount them to the studs on an interior wall. You never want to put any holes in the exterior walls. They are vacuum bonded with foam insulation and some have a special vapor barrier to ensure the interior stay comfortable. Any moisture seeping into these holes gets trapped and can cause issues over time. For even more space, use space saver bags. Even if you don't have a vacuum, you can still squeeze and roll most of the air out of bulky items like accent pillows, extra blankets and winter coats in these bags too allow more stuff to fit in the cabinet or storage space.

    When buying a new trailer or replacing tires always insist on Nitrogen filled tires. They are less likely to blow out due to heat from road friction or super hot road surfaces. Additionally make sure the tire is rated for your specific trailer and anticipated driving conditions. Not all trailer tires are equal. Spending more to upgrade your tires could save you thousands in repairs from a blowout. Many blowouts at freeway speeds do cause damage to the under side of the trailer. Depending on your floorplan, water lines, electrical, plumbing, and slide room motors/hydraulic lines could be torn apart by a blown tire. Trailers do not have wheel well liners or any protection from a blowout. Another possible cause for blow outs within the first few miles is being overloaded. The tires on trailers in this price point are not great to begin with. However, they should still last a few thousand miles in the first season. Granted, older tires with less miles are likely to blow out from dry rot if not stored and protected from environmental damage during the off season. Never use tires showing signs of rot or deterioration. These signs are cracking, bulging or bubbles in the sidewall or not holding air. Remember the sidewalls of the tire is what's carrying all the weight and absorbs all of the humps and bumps from the road. Our passenger vehicles have many components to our suspension to cope with the weight and bumps in the road. Most trailers are equipped with simple leaf springs. These leaf springs are designed to keep your trailer from going airborne when it hits potholes. It is the tires that do most of the work. Don't skimp when it comes to those seemingly insignificant tires. I hope this family sent their receipts in for reimbursement for the new tire and rim if it was damaged. Like everything else, the tires do have a warranty too.

    On the warranty side of things…… If you plan to go full-time, it's important to know only a few RVs are designed for and allow for full-time living while honoring the warranty. This is only important when purchasing an RV with a warranty. If the unit is not for full-time use and you file a warranty claim while living in the RV full-time the manufacturer may void the warranty completely. Full-time RVs are made to a higher standard in order to hold up to constant use. The voided warranty only applies to the RV manufacturer. Most, if not all, the appliances and other components with their own manufacturer warranties are still valid. Also not any modifications to any item being serviced under warranty must not be altered or taken apart by anyone other than the service individual authorized by the manufacturer. Do not ever attempt to repair any component under warranty. Even though it's not working, any sign of the component being tampered with could void the warranty. Thus leaving you with the repair bill.

    Once the sale is done, your relationship with the salesperson is over. Most don't live the RV lifestyle. And thus can't relate or even help when issues arise. However,li!e always, there are exceptions to the rule. On rare occasions you might get a sales individual who loves camping and/or RVing themselves or is someone who pride's themself on going above and beyond for their customers. This type of individual loves their job and will have ample product knowledge and experience. Which is what all of us want but most will never find. I still haven't found that magical, elusive, and desired sales person.

    Anywho….. back to the real topic of all your excellemt and creative solutions. Really great solutions. I don't know how you managed to prep and cook a meal in that closet size kitchen. It's small than most kitchenettes.😆. Cooking for two would be difficult. But cooking for five would be virtually impossible! Although, to be fair, a lot of meals are cooked outside during a typical camping trip. And to defend the manufacturer, this unit is not designed for full-time use for two, let alone five.

    To be honest, I don't know how the five of you, plus your golden managed so long in such a small trailer. It certainly makes me appreciate the tremendous space I have even more.

    Thank for sharing you tons and tricks. As well as sharing your journey!

    Cheers from Seattle… Oh and Happy Holidays. I think the Christmas tree will fit and look best on the roof. Wire those plastic ornaments on real good 😉


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