Heating your RV – Wood? Propane?


Different ways we tried to heat our 6×10 converted cargo trailer and how each one worked out… or didn’t. In this video I show you a small propane heater that is inexpensive ($155.00), vented (so you get dry heat) and non-electric.

I’m not associated with NuWay Stoves in any way, I just like their product.
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  1. Jim Vaughn
    Jim Vaughn says:

    Great info and suggestions. My dad and I had a close one on our second deer hunt in 1965. We had a Coleman white gas heater going in our camper and hadn't left a window cracked. Dad woke up in the middle of the night saying he thought we were suffocating, which we were. Bad headaches the next day. Could have been a costly mistake. Also, I tried the Little Buddy heater in a deer blind. It had the 1lb canister. The downside is that the tank would freeze and the top would tip.

  2. Jollyprez
    Jollyprez says:

    We're building-out a 5×10 cargo trailer. It's going to be used in New Hampshire by my son as his dorm room. We're putting in a diesel cab heater which is a copy of the Webasto. They run about $200 (US) and take up very little space. It uses a heat exchanger so it doesn't affect moisture or CO or CO2 in the cabin.

  3. Knut Blaise
    Knut Blaise says:

    Any idea if you could put a bend in the stove pipe and have it exit the side (rear in my case) of the RV? I'd like to keep top of the stove pipe below the top of the RV to prevent solar panels from being shaded.

  4. MAE HAY
    MAE HAY says:

    I love your homemade wood burning stove. It’s a great way to stay warm any small place if you don’t have the money to run propane. But it have to be child proof if they are young. Thank you for the link for your new solution to warming your tiny little camper trailer. 👍

  5. Ron Mitchell
    Ron Mitchell says:

    Grizzly makes a great mini woodstove. I have a Dyno-Glo 10,000 BTU blue flame heater. It doesn't need any electricity and has a thermostat on it so you can control the temperature.

  6. superdavedfw
    superdavedfw says:

    DIY For my camper heating solution, I built a heater out of a Weber portable propane gas grill. Vented the heater with a 2 3/8" fence post for a stove pipe through the roof and attached to the heater with a 2" conduit nipple and locknut on top of the heater for the stove pipe to slip over. Then, pierced the lid of the heater with approximately 40 conduit pipes, 1/2" in diameter, running horizontally and sealed with high temp silicone for a heat reclaimer, which I use a small fan to circulate air through. Problem is on the lowest setting, it's still an overkill, even in sub freezing whether it will get too hot after a while. I use multiple carbon monoxide detectors and never had a problem with venting.

  7. mark adamson
    mark adamson says:

    I have 4000 model and thought the same as Kenneth. One less thing to worry about if already has its own air supply Would love to see how you went through roof of trailer. I was considering a side vent up high. Scared to cut a hole in my trailer then it leaks or have issues going down the road with wind pushing rain into vent.

  8. Justice For none
    Justice For none says:

    You need to look at the cheap chinese diesel heaters. They use very little fuel, dont make any moisture and there is no fumes. About $120 bucks for everything you need to get it going. Look it up on ebay.

  9. Felix Cat
    Felix Cat says:

    Perhaps consider the American made Fatsco Pet Stove, model 450, built from marine grade stainless steel and cast iron. The stove is quite compact, yet has ample output to comfortably heat a trailer your size, and runs economically on smokeless charcoal briquettes, which are inexpensive and take up little space to store (though it will also burn wood).

    The Fatsco Pet Stove and it's larger sibling, the Tiny Tot, are much loved by wooden boat liveaboards for their dry heat, and they've been used in cabins, trailers, vans and boats for decades. They're also surprisingly affordable, with the Pet Stove selling for $223 at fatscostoves.com.

    Disclaimer, I have no connection to this company other than as a very happy Pet Stove customer.

  10. Phillip Jacobson
    Phillip Jacobson says:

    I was thinking if something similar.
    A burner on the out side of the trailer that heats water which runs in copper tube 1/2" under the flooring.
    radiant floor heat.
    What's your thoughts on this design?
    Probable need a small circulation pump on the cold side. 12 v DC fuel pump should work ok
    Automotive antifreeze.

  11. Eric Lakota
    Eric Lakota says:

    Like it wish u could use it to boil watter like your wood stove and realy like the look of it reminds me of a pelot or bearclaw wood stove dont you wish u would of just went with it in first place. I never knew about the probain h20 withch explanes lot of problems im having on this building im working on that were heating with probain salamander heaters and the walls are so wet its like its melting haha you salves are problem

  12. Fred Broecker
    Fred Broecker says:

    I would suggest running a vent pipe with outside air to feed the stove so you don't need to keep a window open. You could run a pipe through the floor up to the burn chamber. You'll need to include an air valve to regulate the air intake. A heat exchanger added to the vent pipe can help recover a lot of heat going up the flue, so that would be a good add-on to think about. For our trailer build we're going with propane too but I want to include one of those affordable Chinese diesel heaters for a backup since our trailer will have 12v & 110v power. What's nice about your heater is that it doesn't depend on electricity to be able to use it. I wonder if you could get away with wrapping the burners in foil and burning wood in an emergency if you ran out of propane?

  13. Daniel Balfour
    Daniel Balfour says:

    Propane heaters (and furnaces) are great. They are convenient, compact and very effective. But running one is CRAZY EXPENSIVE. If you are in transit for a few days you can get away with it, but if you plan on boondocking? Forget it. Propane heat is economically non viable.

  14. Ernest Paul
    Ernest Paul says:

    I just sub'd to your site and am now watching this video. I paused it right as you were talking about it being cold. Back to why I paused the video. Although I live in NC in what is called the Sandhills, I was born and raised in northern NJ. At 18 I left home and enlisted in the Army, initially being stationed in Georgia. I mention this because even though I live in a fairly decent climate year-round, relatively speaking, I did grow up in NJ. The point being in the 60's and 70's you could always be assured that it was down in the 30's by Halloween and It snowed (alot) before Thanksgiving. I was watching you using your snowblower and immediately thought, "man you need a REAL snowblower"! My dad had a yellow and black one, I cannot remember if it was a Homelite or if CubCadet made one. Regardless, when he cranked that thing up in the garage and that 9×7 door went all the way up, as soon as it hit the drift snow was flying into the neighbors front yard like those snowmakers you see on the ski slopes. Our 24'x60' driveway was clear in no time. I am 60 now, pushing 61 and I miss a little bit of snow. Down here we have ice storms which cause enough headaches and the indigenous locals have a hard time driving with a 1/4" of snow on the road.

  15. John Deveney
    John Deveney says:

    I'm glad I found your channel! It's good to know there's other options for propane stoves! I WAS considering a Wave3 but heard mixed reviews. NuWay is the way to go, thanks for the video!😉

  16. MT scott
    MT scott says:

    Recently found your channel looking for info on Sharps rifle. Are planning to shoot the Quigley match this year? Interested in your RV too. Any chance of a video tour? Did you do the insulation and other work yourself?

  17. Pilot McBride
    Pilot McBride says:

    Great stuff mate. Happily or sadly, whatever your bent, those sort of temps just don't happen over here. My missus tells temp by calendar. If it's April, the fire must be lit, it's bloody freezing, even if the temp is 80, lmao.

    My take on the heater thing is, if you have the room, why not get the wood burner in there also, principally as back country backup? Those pesky gas bottles have a thing about going empty at the most inopportune times, and you know what cold women are called…… BEARS…. Also, the smell of a wood fire, well, can't be beat, gas is so boring it's painful, lol.

    (Here we go), you can always go super ultra-modern and install a 5kVA generator on your towing frame and air-condition your trailer thus enable cooling for those hot days and have it ticking over at night for comfort heating or cooling……
    Think of all the wood & propane you'd save, lmao!! (Oops).

    That wood burner you made is a brilliant idea, well done.

    Cheers, thanks for posting, great info.
    🇦🇺 🍺🍺


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