Having Enormous RV Shelter Installed


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I finally get the 18×32 metal RV Carport installed at RV Basecamp. Thought you guys might be interested in just how its done!

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  1. sullydude24
    sullydude24 says:

    I got off the lazy train and searched for these videos. I’m hoping my buddy buys land soon as he said I could make something similar on his property. So awesome. I think I’ll get the same dimensions.

  2. halley0413 9837
    halley0413 9837 says:

    My old highschool gymnasium was build like yours but with reinforced concrete pillars, about six on each side fifteen feet apart. It was open with no walls. A category 4 typhoon hit our place, lifted the whole structure from the ground and slammed it down like pancakes. The next structure built in its place didn't look anything like the destroyed one, it looked like a concrete warehouse, quite expensive to keep cool in the summer but it just laughs at the storms that passes by every so often.

  3. Deeb
    Deeb says:

    I remember putting our shelter logic up..ours is 36 feet long not sure of the height but we have a 32 Class A, so I can relate to this video..the only difference was my husband and I put it up with help from family. These guys made it look easy. Lol!!!

  4. alfred lopez
    alfred lopez says:

    This is exactly what the wife & I hope to purchase tomorrow as soon as the rep contacts us we need a 24 x 24 on our driveway to cover 2 vehicles & 1 motorcycle ! Hooyah I like it a lot!! Alfred & Daniece Lopez . Lubbock , TX. 79414

  5. Bulgarian Organic Smallholding
    Bulgarian Organic Smallholding says:

    Is the roof level or does it have a slight gradient to allow rainwater to run off to one end – if not, how does rainwater run off when the ridges are horizontal instead of vertical alignment? I didn't hear you say what kind of metal is used, but I assume that the frame is aluminium and the roofing sheets are galvanised pressed tin sheeting?

  6. Brenda Gillespie
    Brenda Gillespie says:

    Video #4 So cool to see this done. In December my two car garage burnt down. This would make a great alternative. As appose to a stick frame. THANKS FOR THE IDEA! Blessings from Kentucky. God Bless B. Darlene


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