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The president is coming back to New Hampshire, and ads for his reelection will follow in a few weeks.

Ad trackers reported President Donald Trump‘s campaign booked ads in New Hampshire this week, amid a flurry of bookings in the swingier states across the country. Advertising Analytics reported the campaign booked $1.9 million in ads to run in New Hampshire between Sept. 8 and Election Day, Nov. 3.

Other political ads are cropping up this week.

Corky Messner, one of the Republican candidates for Senate, is adding statewide radio ads this week with a six-figure ad buy on radio stations, including talk radio WGIR and pop music station WZID. Messner’s campaign already has TV ads running statewide.

The Lincoln Project, a group of anti-Trump Republicans including onetime state Republican party chair Jennifer Horn, will also have ads in New Hampshire this weekend, $88,000 worth on cable.

Rally being used to push mask issue

State Senate majority leader Dan Feltes put out a statement this week calling on Gov. Chris Sununu to provide free masks and other protective gear to Portsmouth businesses ahead of the Trump rally Saturday, saying rallygoers will patronize businesses there and could spread COVID-19.

The state Department of Health and Human Services reports just six active COVID-19 cases in Portsmouth as of Wednesday. But previous Trump rallies have drawn people from across the Northeast.

When New Hampshire first started letting “non-essential” businesses open again, they could request masks for free from the state. The program has ended, but Feltes has introduced a bill to bring it back.

Shaheen back on the trail

While Republican candidates for Congress have been campaigning in person for weeks, the incumbent Democrats have been more cautious about getting back to campaigning in the flesh.

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen got back on the trail Wednesday afternoon for a roundtable about climate change at Throwback Brewery with student climate activists, the New Hampshire Young Democrats, the Sierra Club and the League of Conservation Voters. The event came just a few hours after the League of Conservation Voters announced its endorsement of Shaheen.

Shaheen’s campaign required masks and social distancing: the anti-COVID measures were not merely recommended, as they are for the Trump campaign events Friday and Saturday.

Bolduc on the road, too

Though he’s not the Senate candidate speaking at the Trump campaign’s pre-rally event Friday, Don Bolduc will be in Portsmouth this weekend. He’ll be riding in an RV instead of the motorcade.

Bolduc will be driving the RV around the state in the coming weeks. In an email to supporters, the campaign promises to “engage Granite Staters in the same way Don Bolduc will represent them in the U.S. Senate. Up close and personal.”

Bolduc did not win Trump’s endorsement, but he is still encouraging his supporters to attend the rally, even including a link for tickets in his email about the RV tour.

Matt Mayberry, the Republican candidate whom Trump did not endorse for the First Congressional District, tweeted that he plans to attend the rally as well.

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