Government Bans Van Life In Texas RV Living Full Time / Nomad

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This channel will teach you the good, the bad, and the reality of Minimal Living, RV Life, Camping, Boondocking, Tiny camper, camping, Van Life, Nomad / Nomadic Life, and frugal living.
After years of working 60 to 70 hours a week and never taking a vacation, Carolyn and I (Rob) decided to quit our job and begin living our dream. We bought a 1970 Starcraft pop-up camper and fixed it up, traveling the country, and only staying at free campsites. After living in it for a year, our pop-up was burned down by someone in a National Forest. We did not let that get us down. We built a homemade truck camper in 2 1/2 week so we could continue living our dream. Welcome to Little House On The Road 2.0 and welcome to the Little House On The road Family.
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37 replies
  1. D Owen
    D Owen says:

    its because we let to many Pepole in this country that don't respect any thing or wanna do for them selves and a dump their waste and garbage any place they want too cause that's what they do in their own country they come from that's that dam problem period !

    SR MATLOCK says:

    The sno-birds, nomads, and older retired folks are A-ok, But now, the hardcore homeless are starting to mesh & try to blend in and the bad element as always… RUINS ALL THEY TOUCH FOR EVERYONE, WITH THEIR SORRYNESS & SELFISHNESS…

  3. C Zahnter
    C Zahnter says:

    Pulling a seventeen foot camper we pulled into the Alabama welcome center an rest stop.
    Had another vehicle traveling with me and told them i had to stop and take a nap, I was so sleepy.
    I got up in the camper and plopped onto the bed and i was out like a light. Got about hour an my friend came an woke me up. She had a key so she came in to wake me an told me that the security guard told her that there was no sleeping allowed. He jad tried to wake me but couldn't so he went to the other vehicle and told them we had fifteen minutes to be back on the road or he was going to lock us down and call for wreckers to come and tow our vehicles.
    I we and asked him what was the deal? He told me it was a rest area only. Said they only allowed walking and stretching to get woke up, use the bathrooms an get back on the road. I tried to debate the meaning of "Rest Area" but by golly he wasn't having any of us sleeping awhile so we wouldn't wreck. We went and found a country rode an slept there for couple hours.
    Damn straight, it's getting rough to even travel long distances, better have funds for motel..

  4. Ron Hayes
    Ron Hayes says:

    Nothing in this world is free. Say for example I am a resident of a town that has this location where you can stay out for free that means that I have to work and pay more taxes so that I can maintain a safe and clean area for people to stay at for free who most likely are not from the local care. Not to mention in this but it just society that we live in we will have to protect heart town from any type of litigation that could arise from injuries or anything else. Don't get me wrong I am on the Verge of taking the plunge into this lifestyle as well however I fully expect that wherever I go nothing will be free. I'm going to have to pay for the electricity the water and the land use wherever I am. I fully understand that if it's not in my budget then I will have to have some type of job in the local community to help support my budget needs and give the local economy. this world and this country are way too overcrowded for this type of activities to continue. The nomadic lifestyle he is no longer a privileged since we have so many people that if everyone shows up for free they will destroy any area. It with all the drug activity other crime and environmental destruction local communities will certainly have to pay to enforce the law clean the areas and make sure the vagrants are moved along. Pure economics just dictates the policies. again I'm fully prepared and getting ready to enter this lifestyle but I know that I'm going to have to pay my way. I am not being a negative person I'm just trying to show the reality of living in today.

  5. Randy Russell
    Randy Russell says:

    If you park for wks and months from one camp site to the next is taking advantage of a good thing. Road maintenance, utilities and garbage removal cost lots of money. Taking the milk and honey, never giving back is the problem and you can wear the shoe if it fits

  6. law40177
    law40177 says:

    Most of the fees and banning camping here in texas is now because people are trashing the area and like you said crime rate going up it's expensive for emergency services to get to some remote areas like here on the coast. I'm waiting for them to ban it here on the beach in corpus area we just had a couple from new Hampshire murdered and there truck and camper stolen last seen crossing into mexico they just found there bodies in a shallow grave in the bowl as we call it so beach fees could go up to to have constant beach patrols soon.

  7. Ed Morris
    Ed Morris says:

    You are doing a real service, Rob. Telling folks about the realities and sometime ugly truths about full time Van/RV living. It is not cheap, and it does require a steady income, to live this way. I lived and travelled, for a year, in my travel trailer. A very enjoyable time, visiting and seeing many wonderful places; making some good friends… But, it costs money to do it. Regular expenses, every single week, every month, have to be paid and covered.
    Those folks, selling this idealistic fantasy, of chucking it all, selling all you own, to buy a Van, to convert to a tiny home, on wheels, living a free nomadic life; are deluding folks, for their own financial gain.
    It’s the latest variation of the Pyramid Scheme, like AMWAY… Those few folks, at the top; are making a good living, off their YouTube Channels, with Amazon affiliations, and other financial ties, as their revenue stream. Endorsing this product and that, (see link below, 😉😉…I just make a small commission on these sales) they are riding the Wave, while it’s surging, ever mindful of the coming Crash. Like all Pyramid Schemes, they have to keep luring new folks in, to keep making money…but, the well is drying up, and reality is creeping in. Governments are jumping in, to take their cut, from the Cash Cow, which will surely hasten the demise of this Venture.
    Heck, I love traveling around, camping and seeing beautiful places and meeting great people…I wish it was free, too! Who wouldn’t want to do it, cheaply or nearly free? Unfortunately, I see a large number of naive folks, being hurt by falling into this delusion…
    Keep providing the honest reality and truth, about the Nomadic Lifestyle, as long as you can, before the coming Crash, Rob… You are doing folks a real service…

  8. Ed Morris
    Ed Morris says:

    The boom in popularity of Van life, in the last year alone, is going to kill any free Camping opportunities off. Government Agencies are all scrambling to survive, themselves, and view this as a historic opportunity to increase their revenues, to counterbalance their increased costs, due to this huge surge in Boon dockers… It’s unfortunate, but unavoidable. Once one Government Agency sniffs out a new Revenue Opportunity, like this, they will all pile on, to grab what they can…

    AMY SCHAEFER says:

    Thanks for telling the realities of nomadic lifestyle. I considered it, but have decided to stay put on my 7 acre homestead. I grow my own food, raise chickens and fish in the pond.
    Sorry to hear that a few nomads are ruining it for everyone.

  10. Jean on the Road
    Jean on the Road says:

    Yes, boondocking life may not be over, but it is winding down. I still see so many hopefuls making eager posts about buying old vans and building them out. Next thing you know, if they actually get on the road, they are pleading for ways for someone with no marketable skills to make a living. I asked on Santa's forum why unskilled, unprepared, delusional young people are actively encouraged to hit the road instead of being told to build savings and get job skills, first. One of the dingbat admins actually answered that most of these young people did not want to hear that! Well DUH!!! My kid did not want to hear about eating his vegetables and finishing his homework, either. But the job of an adult and a mentor is to tell people about reality so they can stay out of trouble, not to encourage delusion so they are more likely to get into trouble.

  11. Linda Woods
    Linda Woods says:

    wow that is so aweful…there are so many nomadics these days..and they are out there telling others how great it is..and people believe it is the cheapest way to live and free places to park..thank you Rob and Carolyn..great video.

  12. Dogport 55
    Dogport 55 says:

    Wow, things are changing fast. When I was a kid almost every place you went was either very cheap or free and now some are destroying it for everyone. But I am sure Missouri would take you back in a heartbeat when you are ready

  13. Amelia Lane
    Amelia Lane says:

    wow, so they are forcing people back into expensive living situations. I guess homelessness will have to be considered by many or the claustrophobic small homes. You can't win. I enjoy watching the van life and often wondered about the downside.

  14. Harry Leisure
    Harry Leisure says:

    Heeellllllooooooooo Rob and Carolyn. Hope everything works out and you get some beach camping in this winter.
    If there is someone camping where you want to camp just wake them up and tell them they are in your spot.
    Safe and happy travels to all.

  15. Test fire test
    Test fire test says:

    The same thing is happening in our cities. A person who is living in their car, RV, etc parks on a street. They literally stay there until they are thrown out(usually several days). They repeat this throughout the city, just staying in a location until told to leave by authorities.

  16. Test fire test
    Test fire test says:

    Unfortunately, the only way to cut down on the number of people abusing the campgrounds is to charge to camp. We all like to think that we aren't the problem. That is mostly true. However, that small percentage of people that go in and trash the campsites and "move in" ruin it for all of us. I really think a national fee for using federally controlled campgrounds is the best way to keep most of those folks out. Unfortunately, the fee has to be high enough to put a price on respecting the lands. $100 per year won't cut it. Maybe $500 or $1000 for an annual pass would reduce the problem. That is still less than $3 per day over the period of a year, but it's high enough that the folks who are causing the problem will not be able to afford it. Sad, but I think its the only way.

  17. Jay ray
    Jay ray says:

    It's getting harder to get there from here even if paying: Seminole Canyon SP TX near Del Rio totally closed until June 30 for construction, San Pedro campground in Amistad NP near Del Rio closed until spring, Balmorhea SP TX closed for a while. Glad we called in the planning stage. Hope this helps somebody. Couldn't find Lonesome Dove on the map either, jk.


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