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Hey fellow campers! Amazon Prime Days are coming! It’s the mid-summer event that rivals Black Friday for DEALS and this years Prime Days are Monday and Tuesday, July 15th and 16th.

This is a fantastic time to grab all of that gear that you have been wanting (but putting off buying) all year. Want an inflatable kayak? Need some new items to hook up your plumbing?  How about a wireless signal booster, a generator, or some new outdoor furniture? This is the time to SHOP!

It’s almost like Christmas has come early. There are so many things we want to buy for the RV but these can be pretty expensive when you add then all up. 

Prime day offer you MAJOR SAVINGS on everything including any RV and Camping gear you have been wanting!  

We have been involved with Prime Day both as sellers AND buyers for several years. There are some really great bargains out there IF you know how to find them.  Best of all, you can do all your shopping at home in your pajamas!

This guide will tell you all you need to know for Prime Day , whether an item you are looking for is on SALE, for how much AND how to get them. In fact the deals have already started!.

As of today, 4 days prior to Prime Day, there are already early access deals on tents, hiking poles, full face snorkels, boat covers, biking accessories and a TON more. But you have to get in there to find them. 

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