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RV AC Systems need to operate a peak efficiency to keep an RV cool in the summer.

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Even the best insulated RVs are much more susceptible to outside temperatures than the average house. Combine that with the fact that RVs are generally put in varying elements and conditions (sand / dust, etc), and it’s easy to see why maintaining an RV AC at peak efficiency is crucial to glamping comfort!

The tool required are pretty basic and not at all expensive:

🛠 Screw Driver – The AC cover on the roof as well as the inside can generally be removed with a phillips screwdriver.
🛠 Spray Bottle (https://amzn.to/2yGz0gB) – for light rinsing of the coils.
🛠 EVAP Foam No Rinse (https://amzn.to/2YnM5uH) – For the Evaporator coil (NSF Registered – for the air we breath)
🛠 AC Foam Cleaner (https://amzn.to/2YFIbsc) – For condenser coil. Cheaper cleaner for the coils that don’t touch the air we breath. Also has a great fin brush in the cap!
🛠 Fin Combs (https://amzn.to/335MFMh) – To straighten the badly bent fins.
🛠 Metal Duct Tape (https://amzn.to/2Ypgitp) – Get the good 48mm stuff!

For this RV Maintenance video series, we’re partnering up with our friends Todd and Stephanie of the Youtube channel Two Beards and a Babe! https://www.youtube.com/TwoBeardsandaBabe

Todd is an instructor at the National RV Training Academy (https://nrvta.com/), where they teach the RV Industry Association Certification courses for both technicians, inspectors, and even those who just want to know more about servicing their own RV! We’re very fortunate to have them on board for this video series!

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  1. Steve Kellerhals
    Steve Kellerhals says:

    Want to thank you for the video. It inspired me to get the supplies to perform the maintenance on my unit today. Boy was i surprised by not how dirty but the unfriendly flying wasps living under the cover.

  2. Fred Hill
    Fred Hill says:

    This Youtube video gave me an idea. You have three a/c. Your installation and three a/c what kind of job does it do keeping you cool and in the cold do you stay warm? What’s the website for Grand Design?

  3. David Ramsey
    David Ramsey says:

    Great job on the video, and excellent series of topics! Love fact your covering the routine maintenance. The fact you take the time to research the way you have, provide a very valuable resource with the "National RV Training Academy". Also greatly appreciate you provide a list of the materials need and links to them. You obviously put a lot of work into these videos!

  4. Michel Foshee
    Michel Foshee says:

    Also I went thru the whole RV and resealed the foil tape seems. OEM just didn't do a good job. They just don't care.

    Also, Walmart sells a new reusable filter for a few different model AC units…. including this Coleman. Trying it out now. The thicker allergenic filters are made by a company in Sarasota FL.if I recall

  5. Michel Foshee
    Michel Foshee says:

    Our Fuzion has same Coleman AC units. Our front unit has an issue sometimes when it's super hot out of freezing over. I think also when we close the bedroom door and isolate it, say at night, it freezes over as well. The defrost auto doesn't work well. So I have to manually defrost by running just the fan on high.
    Cleaned the coils last year….seems like it helped but not cured.
    However this info and video is super helpful as I was using the foaming cleaner only and just on the inside coils. Gonna buy both cleaners next and try to do a more thorough job.

  6. Dee Jay
    Dee Jay says:

    Great video content…as usual!

    Based on your out-takes…there is nothing worse…I mean nothing…than a non-stop barking dog ! And it's even worse when the owners just choose to Totally Ignore the fact that it's even barking at all, and just let it happen, like they don't hear it!?! Ugghh!! Dogs are meant to be seen and not heard!! Especially in a campground…where most sounds just travel & carry-on!
    I'm a dog owner and I've been lucky to have many Wonderful dogs in my lifetime. And I'm proud to say that each and every one of my dogs never barked…just to bark for no reason! If they did bark, you got up and see what they are trying to tell you! And even as important, is none of my dogs would ever charge an open door, and take off and run away! In fact, most my dogs hated being on a leash, or on a cable tie-out! But, you have to follow the campground rules. Especially the leash rules!

    It's just basic, simple training…as simple as housebreaking a dog really. It's best to start training them when they are young, but any dog at any age can be effectively trained.

    Or just spend $30 for a anti-bark collar and make the dog wear it in a public setting, to keep them quite helps too. They quickly learn what the collar is for.
    Please…Don't even get me started on kid's acting out in restaurants!! LOL!! : )
    You two just keep on making great videos. And your almost at 50k subscribers too!! Good for you! Safe travels…

  7. Hello Gorgeous Life
    Hello Gorgeous Life says:

    Hey guys. Super appreciate the info. Plan on doing this maintenance. We got our 381 momentum Have had to rarely turn on ac I noticed that the bedroom unit doesn’t blow cold air? The other two work fine. So haven’t really pushed issue. We will be heading south and warmer soon. Ideas what to look for when we do the cleaning etc? Thanks.

  8. RonR M
    RonR M says:

    Serendipity, watching you're video while it is raining here in DC and drips started coming out of the air condo cover…up to the roof tomorrow with some caulk.

  9. marty watson
    marty watson says:

    Simple green is a much easier product to get and used to clean a/c unit with. Works well on both coils on with small spray bottle. Foaming cleaners generally have to be rinsed which I didn't see explained cause they will deteriorate the metals. Nicely done video.

  10. Ron Oboogie
    Ron Oboogie says:

    Great Job guys! I'm more than a little nervous getting on the "Flight Deck" but I guess I'm going to have to get used to it. Maybe I can find a skyhook. Lol
    Good stuff, Thanks as always

  11. Scott Manley
    Scott Manley says:

    Great video editing was very good. I do have a question about the cleaning of the evap coil. I’m an A/C tech and it looked like you cleaned the wrong side of the coil. I don’t know if your unit is pulling air through the coil if so your good or is being pushed through the coil That does make a difference. Might want to check on that.

  12. David Slawter
    David Slawter says:

    Another great video guys. I'm full time also so keeping the AC unit in good shape is really important. I use a spray foam on the coils also. The type that I use after turning off the unit cleans very well. It also has the brush on the can top for straightening out any bent coils. After a bit turn the AC back on to rinse any excess foam off and the coils are good to go until the next cleaning. I clean mine once a year right before the summer. Keep on keepn' on and have fun out there!

  13. Leigh Sheppard
    Leigh Sheppard says:

    Absolutely the perfect video! Great job you two! Great subject, great information, great presentation! Perfection! Let me see, 10,000+ views and only 4 dislikes. (obviously not what they thought they were going to be getting.) You really couldn't hope for better. Even Jimmy Fallon doesn't get such a low percentage of dislikes. I always enjoy your videos and find them very useful.

  14. Doug Doris
    Doug Doris says:

    Seriously guys, you have the best content! I have learned so much and I am looking forward to all of your discussion of RV systems. Thanks for the time and effort to provide these videos.

  15. Ron McDaniel
    Ron McDaniel says:

    O,o, ect! So many questions! The service on the a.c. is reasonable basic. Good presentation on the video. I would like to see the pros and cons regarding residential refrigerator versus gas electric refrigerators. I am tickled to see all the service videos you can come up with! Also can you include service on a class A coach? I know that is hard to show an example with your toy hauler. Can't wait for your next video. Thanks Safe Travels

  16. AnglerX
    AnglerX says:

    Great video! I'd add one thing when it comes to the exterior a/c covers…take a long handle (broom handle) and tap on the covers before you start taking them off to make sure bees/wasps aren't making their own vacation home in there.


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