Full-time RV living: Crazy cool custom tiny house truck and interview


Chris is interviewing Ken & Suzy’s about their awesome self build rig (a cozy tiny house on wheels).

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  1. Cherlyn Azteca
    Cherlyn Azteca says:

    Sweet Pea!! That’s a nice name for your home. You should paint “Sweet Pea” on the driver’s side, inside the white frame…..maybe make a stencil first, then paint it. It would be beautiful!

    Safe and happy adventures, Cherlyn

  2. Anti Zakkonic
    Anti Zakkonic says:

    WONDERFUL : ) You two have done a great job of building a HOME that also goes from place to place, I love it! Factory bought RV's are so impersonal And sterile no matter what else you do to them. And I love that you went with a platform that is easily and inexpensively serviceable no matter where you find yourself. P.S- split rims…. they get a bad rap but I've changed tires on hundreds of them without incident, observe the basic rules and they work just fine.

  3. Terrance Coard
    Terrance Coard says:

    Absolutely wonderful video!! My wife's USAF roommate from 1981 gifted her a beautiful C class RV. It was wonderful to see her skip with excitement even though we has to pick it up 1200 miles away. You might think it's BS…but she actually elevated every two steps the first three days!! No kidding. I lived in Arizona for 35 years…it gets cold as heck in most of the state and be careful of monsoon season….more rain, wind than you ever care for. Quartzite, AZ…got an opinion but not sharing other than there was a Chevron gas station that sold Jolly Rancher soda…Liquid candy.

  4. Mctig Mctiggy
    Mctig Mctiggy says:

    Besides the rare few that choose this lifestyle. It seems most of these nomadic people are paying the cost of a lifetime of poor decisions.
    Where do they end up when they have a medical problem or become too old to live nomadically?


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