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On our way out West this year, we stopped in Austin to visit an old friend, had a channel meetup with our good friends Phil and Stacy (You, Me & the RV), and visited San Antonio and The Alamo!

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33 replies
  1. Six Point Adventures
    Six Point Adventures says:

    We stayed off the I35 too. We stayed at the I35 RV Resort. Was really clean and very nice! The awesome thing about them though they served breakfast for free… yes Continental breakfast! It wasn’t just cereal and bengals. You actually orders a hot meal and they cooked it right there in front of you. It was awesome!

  2. Shel Ribelin
    Shel Ribelin says:

    Great & Funny video!!! Next time you all are in the Huston area go see the San Jacinto Monument. It’s where Texas won it’s independence from Mexico during the Texas Revolution. There is lots to see & a ton of history so plan on spending an entire day. Thanks for sharing & safe travels

  3. Michael Brown
    Michael Brown says:

    Swamp tour… what fun!

    Was in NOLA many years ago with my mom & brother for Christmas. Mom would never pack one suitcase when she could pack four and Mark & I would struggle to haul them around. We were rather pissed off when she pulled out of one of her suitcases a nearly 2’ tall Christmas tree.

    Dumpy hotel in French Quarter but we were close to where we wanted to be. Lotsa fun wandering the area & soaking up the atmosphere, jazz, food, & begniets. Especially loved Preservation Hall jazz club, Hurricanes, and Dukes of Dixieland riverboat dinner cruise on Mississippi. Great fun for a few days but had to relocate to hotel west of NOLA when FQ hotel had small fire & we thought it not safe to stay.

    Swamp tour around town & bayou was supposed to go into swamp but it started raining & guide cancelled that part of the tour. He felt bad about that & invited us to dinner/party at his FQ apartment. That was fun & we got to meet some of the locals. Live alligator in bathtub was a surprise, don’t recall story about that.

  4. Bruce S
    Bruce S says:

    Hard to find a parking spot for the truck…this is something we keep thinking about. Sometimes, we know we won't want to take our bike places. I assume you didn't take yours because of the traffic (yes, confirmed later in the vid)—I've found it's even more stressful to be in heavy traffic on two wheels than four, and A/C becomes a real issue at low speeds. We've never used Uber et al, but that makes a lot of sense. Wherever the traffic would be a problem, I'd expect to have easy access to those services. We just need to get our heads out of the 20th century. Just yesterday we did something where my wife needed to be driven, it couldn't be a cab, Uber, etc., and she didn't want me to take my car because it's harder to get in and out of. I just thought how much worse it would be with a big truck, and the bike wouldn't be an option at all, but we'll have to do those sorts of things when we're RVing. It's funny all the little things you don't even think about day-to-day while in sticks and bricks, that become an issue when RVing.
    That was a fun video, and it was cool seeing Phil and Stacy too. Now I may have to switch over to their channel, see if they've uploaded a video including this meet-up. They're another of my favorites among RV channels.

  5. John Dolezal
    John Dolezal says:

    One hundred or so people at a meet up, how awesome. You both are so fun to watch. Very cool that you hung out with Stacy and Phil. We enjoy your videos a lot. Take care and be safe!

  6. Vegas Mendoza'
    Vegas Mendoza' says:

    Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston pretty much most major cities in TEXAS traffic is horrid. It can be 4am on a weekday and the traffic will be back to back but so happy you guys visited, wish I'd known, I would of drove up from Dallas 😥🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱

  7. Eileen Brown
    Eileen Brown says:

    Hey, we were at Bayou Segnette same time you were! My DH Bryan had the British accent. Sorry you were not feeling well, and we totally agree with you about NOLA. Glad we did it, not sure we'd go back.

    J.T.S. OUTDOOR LIFE says:

    We love watching all of your videos!!! So sad yall we sick when you came through Louisiana. Next time you come through I would recommend going to Toledo Bend. A couple of years ago we did a ride around the complete lake which took us some time and it was beautiful! Such a great ride.

  9. Johnny Lightning
    Johnny Lightning says:

    I know that the RBF is supposedly a thing, but really, isn't there something more positive to say? I think that expression is very sexist and frankly just not nice. How about the calmly contemplative face or CCF for those of you that must use acronyms, personally I think they're lazy and non-communicative, but I digress. I don't believe for a minute that Tara is a B-word. Just my feeling on the subject.

  10. Scott Leary
    Scott Leary says:

    RBF: hilarious 🙂 Been watching for a long time. You're the best, love your humor and how 'real' you keep everything! Lots of moments where my girlfriend and I crack up watching you both. Back at Bailey's Campground in Maine how annoyed you both were with all the traffic behind you when you were (attempting) to do your commentary was priceless! We're very close to Bailey's now ourselves and can totally relate! Keep doing what you do 🙂 Thanks for all your videos

  11. kettig
    kettig says:

    hey guys you have the coolest vidios. I was just laughing every time you commented on the austin traffic.AUSTIN! does have really bad traffic! just wanted to let you know that I lived in austin from 1981 to 1984 when to population was 414.000 thousand people. and you could go anywhere in Austin within 15 mins, really. those were the days. keep doing what your doing. kettig.


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