Full Time RV 6 Month Review – Our only Regret


Full Time RV 6 month review with our only regret. Sit down as we review the last 6 months full timing with Ruby. We will talk about mistakes, emotions, how RVing has changed for us over the last 6 months and our one regret! #fulltimeRV #rvlife #fulltimetravel

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  1. Eric Dee
    Eric Dee says:

    That look on Phil's face🤪 when you (Stacy) stated "I already purged my clothes"…😂

    I'am surprised that many of the newer RV's aren't equipped with a tankless on demand water which iam sure your aware supply endless hot water requires far less space and maintenance than the standard six or ten gal heaters or are those an option upon RV purchase?.

    Great video, thank you for your input.
    Regards, Eric

  2. Vicky Suiker
    Vicky Suiker says:

    Hello, I am new to your site and enjoying it a lot. We do not have a diesel motorhome, we have gas, and what we carry is a CFN gas card. If we find that the gas stations are too small or hard to get out of, especially while towing our car we can go to the CFN stations. They may be a little more expensive than the gas stations, but they do big trucks and I know there is almost always a lot of room to get in and out.

  3. Margie Smith
    Margie Smith says:

    I am a US Navy Chief retired 2514 Air Qualified! We r planning full time rving . We have a business to take on the road. I have a DD 214 we could with God's help the 25 thou u r giving away! We live in Daytona Beach FL. My husband works 16 hours a day we really need to get out there! Really love your Input! Great popcorn idea we have a vintage popcorn machine! What is your utube address?

  4. MK Lonestar Handcrafted
    MK Lonestar Handcrafted says:

    This video just popped up in my suggested videos and since we are about to downsize to an RV, I thought it would be helpful to watch. We will be stationary, but may one day travel. As an ex-trucker, I can tell you that 95% of the truck stops are going to be very welcoming. Also, you can pay for a shower at any of the truck stops. Little America (Flagstaff, Az, Little America, Wy, and there is one more location in the North) have amazing shower rooms with nice soaking bath tubs. Each of their locations also have a hotel attached if you just want to get a room for a night. Be sure and pick up "What's at the Next Exit" book (if you haven't already) and that will give you locations of truck stops, restaurants, shopping, camping, etc. Best of luck on your journeys.

  5. valerie022848
    valerie022848 says:

    The Flying J truck stops have RV parking out front. We would not recommend that area for any rigs over 35' though. 40 footers have a tight fit.
    Check prices ahead of time because sometimes the diesel fuel is less expensive at the RV fuel pumps, and sometimes the truck pumps are less.

  6. Corinne Walsh
    Corinne Walsh says:

    We getting ready to head out soon. Just reserving campsites over the years I am wanting to be more spontaneous but everything seems like its always booked way out. Has that been an issue? Also, does any women drive? My husband will be working so I would like to drive but think 31 feet plus car might be my limit. Anyone have any advice?

  7. Marsha Adams
    Marsha Adams says:

    This is your first video that I have watched and I can’t wait to watch your others! We are a former military family and we are preparing to RV for awhile before retiring to AZ. Hopefully we will meet up with you guys on the road 😄

  8. Roosevelt Williams
    Roosevelt Williams says:

    I enjoy watching your video's I have been pulling my travel trailer for about 3 years now but I don't get out to use it much so i watch other people travel. But i will soon hopefully. Thank you for your service to our country. Love the videos I will keep watching you keep traveling. You in Texas sometime holla…..

  9. Just Mona
    Just Mona says:

    Don't y'all have USAA for your car? They have been able to get a tow truck to me in 30 minutes or less in every Podunk town I've visited. Just wondering! The car tows the trailer so I don't have the problem of getting back to somewhere unless it's from a grocery store to the trailer.

  10. AWAY WE GO 2.0
    AWAY WE GO 2.0 says:

    No idea how anyone can give you guys a thumbs down on this. We too are retired military and agree with about 100% of your advice and we’ve experienced nearly all the same stuff. We’ve been FT for 9 months now and haven’t looked back.

    Especially agree with the “tourist mode” concept. We’re still in it a bit, but learning to slow down for sure.

    Be safe!

    Kelly & Kathy M.
    “Away We Go 2.0!”
    We’ll Catch You Down The Road

  11. Carolyn Tschupp
    Carolyn Tschupp says:

    Great video. I’ve never come across your channel, happy I did. We’ve been “full time” for a year, and you’ve made me look back at my own worst mistakes and best choices. We are headed out to Utah and starting our second year full time. So far a wonderful adventure. Hope we meet up on the road. I’ll keep an eye 👁 out!

  12. Libby Olson
    Libby Olson says:

    Use Telegram for your family group chats. You can create numerous groups. We’ve been using it for 5yrs now & it is so nice not having the blips during a phone call.

  13. Tina Burns
    Tina Burns says:

    Lol Loved it!! Recommendation: Join Planet Fitness!! Awesome showers ( pressure, hot water and no mess in your RV!!) We love all the stories and your rapport! We are going to have so much fun when we get together!! We have had some of the same experiences and can relate so well! thanks for being so real!

  14. Linda Loper
    Linda Loper says:

    I’m a Boondocker host in Charlevoix Michigan and would certainly welcome you. Thanks for all your information I am a new subscriber and I love to listen to you guys. We have been part time six months and six months off for the last six years and have volunteered everywhere and have done some wonderful traveling and also have meant fabulous people that we keep in touch with

  15. J Pitman
    J Pitman says:

    my family of 5 fulltime and today is purge day not fun today is one of those days that couple fight on but we purge about once a month you end up with so much stuff and we have a rule if you get something something must go like i said purge day sucks

  16. Roger McCaslin
    Roger McCaslin says:

    I know right where you're at with the flat tire dilemma. I've owned a truck for 18 years. I have a spare but I just recently found out (the hard way) one of the jack handle components was missing. Couldn't get the spare down from it's mounting location. Fortunately, the tire wasn't completely flat and I was near a Goodyear tire store and I caught them just before they closed for the night. I limped over there and they took care of it for me. Close call.

  17. Paula Bridleman, Thomason
    Paula Bridleman, Thomason says:

    I use to drive semis folks, and most professional truck drivers don't care as long as they can sleep. By law, they are required to shut down, and truly don't care about travelers, but plz keep slides in, or park along the grass.
    Yes, always glove up when fueling, they have dirty, greasy gloves on grabbing those handles on the pumps.
    Also if you save your points on your fuel cards, you get free showers,( always use shower shoes) also merchandise, so use those cards and sign up!
    We live in Michigan, and will become snowbirds this November after hubby Bob retires. We've had a new 35'11 trailer in our driveway since December 2018, and will take our maiden voyage May 22…next month and I've been packed for a month now..lol
    Hope to see ya someplace warm someday. Until then, God bless you both, and safe, loving and relaxed travels to ya both.


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