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Friends Full Time RVing (RV CARAVAN): Have you wondered about making friends RVing, finding RV community, or how do RVers make friends? We know it is possible and it makes RVing so fun! We love our RV friends. We have been able to RV caravan with friends a few times and love it. Putting together a full time RVers caravan adds another element to RVing. It expands your RV community and we love it.

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47 replies
  1. Wenzel's Wayside
    Wenzel's Wayside says:

    I think that is so cool! We love camping with friends! But when we eventually hit the road later, in life, that was always a concern of mine, community…so this is so cool to see people doing this on the road!

  2. Phyllis Box
    Phyllis Box says:

    To answer your question about connecting with others as you RV….we met and made friends with RVers BEFORE we started RVing by hosting on Boondockers Welcome. A few we have stayed in touch with and now that we full time ourselves, we have met up with some of them on the road as our plans coincide. Once we made the decision to FT, first stop for us was an RV rally to learn all we could about our particular RV & tour the factory. While at the rally we immediately started meeting ppl and making friends. Some of those folks have become good friends and we have met up with them several weeks this first year of travel. We have continued to meet and make friends with folks everywhere, at campgrounds, as we are out and about etc. We are never alone, unless we choose to be. 🙂

  3. Pidasian Hippie
    Pidasian Hippie says:

    I went to Tampa for the winter last year without knowing anyone there. I met a lady there a few weeks into my visit who has become a life long friend. We haven't traveled together yet but I hope we can in the future. It is a good feeling as a solo woman to have someone there with you. I really enjoyed this video because it does show how much fun it can be to meet friends on the road. Safe travels.

  4. RvDreamin
    RvDreamin says:

    I'm at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Tx and the folks next to me just moved from a Class B to A class A!! and they feel lost. I told them to think of any questions they have concerns about and if I can't answer then I know someone that can. It's called Networking and watching out for one another.

  5. Andrew Larrimore
    Andrew Larrimore says:

    We are not full-timers and don't have many friends that RV also so trying to meet up with people on the road to do things together is challenging. If we know people in the area are going to, we sometimes meet them but we like to explore new areas so any tips would be great.

  6. Mrs. R
    Mrs. R says:

    We love planning our trips with two other couple rigs. We even have an annual trip where folks from around the US come and visit. It's a great community feel. Our days focus around group meals and games! How much better can it get?!

  7. Tex Nolan
    Tex Nolan says:

    Suggestion on cooking, have you heard, tried or seen a sous vibe? it is a way of cooking by water. I am curious if it would be useful in an RV lifestyle or would it use too much electric?

  8. Tami Watson
    Tami Watson says:

    We always sit outside the Trailer in hopes of meeting others but, rarely see anyone, dog walkers is about it. We are about to go full time in January and honestly, I’m a bit worried…I don’t want to be lonely.

  9. carmas54
    carmas54 says:

    than you so much for talking about your recipe app, I was able to find one on the apple store called "recipe keeper" that was only a one-time charge of 5.99$ instead of 39.00$ per year that I think will work out just great for me, ) … and maybe others that don't want to depart from 40$ per year. (it also sync with your phone too and has planning and adds ingredients to you shopping list Thank you again

  10. fgbergeron
    fgbergeron says:

    Hi. My wife and I really like your videos. They are very informative. We are retired military also. I need your advice. We are looking to trade in out travel trailer for a used Diesel pusher. We test drove a 1 owner 2013 33AA yesterday. It looks good, but I have a couple of questions. While on the highway an 18-wheeler blew me about 4 feet into the breakdown lane…very scary. There is a steering assist installed already. Is this something you get used to? Also, the wet bay smells like something died in there. LOL. Is this normal?

  11. Wells On Wheels
    Wells On Wheels says:

    You are one of my faves! 👍 I too wait to add pasta! Sometimes rice too! We first started making friends at nomad fest. I think we met you guys along with pau hanas parents….darn whats his name ?? At a local burger joint. We enjoy chatting with new friends wherever we go. Im more of an introvert but husband talks to everyone!!! Keep sharing recipes!

  12. James Duerk
    James Duerk says:

    I really enjoyed this video. The Peach State Allegros Club is very similar group that loves to travel, meet for rallies and hang out. This would be a great fit for you too. Jim Duerk.

  13. lewis Barnes
    lewis Barnes says:

    Hey mate, love your rig, Here in Australia most of our RV's use a 3 way fridge gas, elec
    and 12 volt, Did you say that you guys added 2 extra batteries to your battery bank to run your fridge, Also i didn't see any solar panels on your roof is that a normal thing in the States ? Because here most motorhomes will have at least 4 or more We have 7 or 1 kWh of solar panels on the roof of our rig, To freecamp

  14. Steven R
    Steven R says:

    If y'all make it back to the Nantahala River in the warm weather the river above the NOC store is a good river to learn white water rafting we took 3 rafts of young scouts from Louisiana down it with no flips and (POI) that is the same river the Burt Reynolds movie Deliverance was filmed on


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