FIRST 24 HOURS LIVING in an RV – Arizona Day 1

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In our first 24 hours living in our RV full-time, we officially leave Utah and enter the great state of Arizona for the first time. Our first stop was Lake Powell, then we drove over the Glen Canyon Dam and found a great overlook on the southside.
We then went on a 1 mile hike and toured through the south slot canyon at Antelope Canyon. Next up was the beautiful natural vista called Horseshoe Bend. We hiked to the lookout point which didn’t disappoint and was well worth the hike.
Our kids were definitely worn out after all the hiking we did but they finished the day running up a sandy hill to see who could get there first. Let’s just say little brother William showed his big sister and big brother up!
We worked up an appetite from hiking all day and stopped at the Gone West Family Restaurant for some dinner.

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