Fake Cheap RV Living Bob, Carolyn's RV Life Quitting Trail? Nomad Fall Meetups


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  1. Marcella Folkmann
    Marcella Folkmann says:

    Good morning.. If these nomands are so poor than why can they afford everything they want?? I watch a couple I swear they eat better than I do. They drive 100's of miles never worrying about gas. .. Always trading homes… Do they pay fee's to go to the rallies?? I am happy they get to travel but not on my dime.

  2. Steve Kraynik
    Steve Kraynik says:

    Haven’t watched Camo Dave for a few months now and I forgot just how boring most of the YouTubers you report on are! I used to be addicted to some of them then was addicted to Camo Dave then I kicked the habit. Woohoo!!! Good little retirement gig you got going though thanks for watching so we don’t have to.

  3. Metro 369
    Metro 369 says:

    I'm not saying CRVL didn't do the hike, I wasn't there but I do know that if your going to do a major challenge ( long hike, stop smoking, lose weight) it's always best to do the deed first and talk about it later.

  4. Joel W
    Joel W says:

    Who cares about her videos or her wondering about whether she should do nothing THIS WAY OR that way OR go HERE OR THERE .. WHO CARES ABOUT THE TRIVIA IN HER LIFE AS IF IT WERE IMPORTANT AS IF SHE WAS IMPORTANT AS IF WHAT SHE SAYS OR DOES IS IMPORTANT .., more so than anyone.. she's a unsympathetic character who AFTER ALL THIS TIME , aside from her BULLSHItttttttt, we know nothing about. NOTHING PRE RV, AND HERE'S A NEWS FLASH, IT WASN'T ANY PRETTIER

  5. Mark Viereck
    Mark Viereck says:

    She’s now going on four videos for 22 miles. Talk about milking for views. Kate makes a video a day and she does at least 20 miles a day. I pray that she stops. I can’t take it anymore

  6. barbjoz63
    barbjoz63 says:

    Will CRVL quit or not? Hmmmmm…what does she want more? To be warm, dry, and pain-free OR a selfie in front of the Canadian PCT monument so that she can trick nubes into thinking she hiked the entire 2,650 miles of the PCT?


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