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Whether a used pop-up, new travel trailer or luxury fifth wheel, any top-notch RV dealership should be providing you with an extensive walk-through (a.k.a. “orientation”) with your new investment.

Hosted by Lifestyle Consultant Chad Shepard and Senior Walk-Through Technician Ed Cormier, they provide viewers with a glimpse into our complimentary RV walk-through program.

As Ed explains, an RV is essentially a house on wheels, so there are many things that owners need to know about operating AND maintaining their new camper.

And not just for RV newbies! Recreation vehicle manufacturers constantly change features and options on their products, so it’s just as important for veteran RVers to also get a thorough walk-through.

Pete’s RV Center walk-throughs hit all of the key areas including propane, electrical, hot water heater, storage tanks and sewer, tires and axles, and hitch work.

We also go above and beyond these key areas to show our new owners all of the little things to help ensure their camping experience is as comfortable as possible. It can be something as simple as pointing out the location of a hidden disconnect switch to upholding the warranty on a rubber roof by using the correct cleaning solution.

Feel free to contact our sales department via with further questions on our exceptional walk-through service.

Pete’s RV Center is an extraordinary recreational vehicle dealer with locations in South Burlington, VT and Schererville, IN. An RV sales and service provider since 1952, Pete’s RV Center carries an extensive inventory of Keystone, Crossroads, Coachman, Heartland, Evergreen and Forest River RV-branded campers. We can be reached at 1-888-902-9352.

Watch a full-length walk-through video here:


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  1. pmh1nic
    pmh1nic says:

    I'd recommend that when you do a walk through that they not just tell you how it works but show you that it works. Turn the hot water heater on and run hot water, operate each slide all the way in and all the way out. The same with the awning. Turn on the a/c, microwave, tv, radio , DVD player and make sure everything is working so you don't end up having to bring the unit back for things that weren't working from the start.

  2. darkside1exisle
    darkside1exisle says:

    On your full video regarding the Black Tank Flush; I've seen another method done in which at the external water source, a 'Y' hose adapter is used where one end has the potable water line with the inline regulator and the other line is used to run the black tank flush with a back-flow preventer attached to prevent anything from coming back out of the black tank through the flush line to prevent any contamination when filling the tank for flushing.

    A side advantage of the y adapter at the supply source is it will allow you to draw water if you need to wash the RV or the truck, etc. while keeping your potable line connected.

    Does your business carry any back flow valves designed to fit on the black tank flush water inlet and couple with a garden hose?

  3. darkside1exisle
    darkside1exisle says:

    Question from your full video walkthrough.  I've heard elsewhere when using the washroom that you should not use the bathroom fan when flushing the toilet as it apparently draws air from the black tank through the black tanks vent pipe regardless if it's a 5th wheel, camper trailer or class-a, b, c rig.  Could you clairify on this?

  4. petesrv
    petesrv says:

    Thanks for bringing this to light. We do have a full-length walk-through video that you should find helpful. Click on "Show More" above and click the link at the bottom of the video description. Enjoy your new Vengeance 5W!

  5. skibum151
    skibum151 says:

    I just purchased a 2013 42' Vengeance 5th wheel. Wish you guys had a store in Wyoming because my walk through was non existent and I'm new to the trailer scene. Really could've used this.

  6. CaptainMacNasty
    CaptainMacNasty says:

    A buyer can never remember all this, so bring and use a portable video camcorder to record the walkthrough. Plus bring your own checklist of questions to ask and things to check for warranty work.


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