Ep. 117: Cheap Truly Unlimited Internet for Your RV | camping tips tricks how-to


Working from the road, we needed truly unlimited, uncapped, unthrottled mobile hotspot data to be able to work from our RV. We found a cheap pre-paid plan without any limitations whatsoever, and we share it with you on this episode of Grand Adventure!


* Visible Mobile: https://www.visible.com/ (referral code BcPHP)
* $19 Visible R2 Android phone: https://www.visible.com/shop/smartphones/visible-r2-zte
* HooToo TripMate Nano router: https://amzn.to/32LxPcO


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48 replies
  1. Grand Adventure
    Grand Adventure says:

    We sincerely apologize to our viewers who attended the Premiere, we had technical issues where YouTube wasn't serving us the chat comments until the video was over. Any questions, please hit us up here in the comments.

  2. Neil Orlich
    Neil Orlich says:

    Great info! Sounds perfect for our needs. Just ordered service using your referral code to save some $$. Also trading in an older Android phone to get the Visible R2 phone at no cost. We'll give it a go and see how it performs for us. Thanks!

  3. Manfred Manville
    Manfred Manville says:

    i can get everything to work, but once the phone hotspot is turned off, the hootoo wont automatically re connect. i have to go into the ip on my laptop and re enter the ssid . i save and then hootoo turns on, but when i toggle hotspot on phone, hootoo wont re connect.

  4. Dennis Stone
    Dennis Stone says:

    can you make a video on how to install the Hoo Too to the zte phone. also on Visisble website it says they only allow 5 mb download speed for hot spot and you said they dont do that any more is this true. also you said the Hoo Too was 21.99 on amazon i went to your link and its 25.99 on amazon

  5. YaYa Studio
    YaYa Studio says:

    I am a Verizon cust., but at my family's remote Camp, where I'll be doing my Skoolie Build, I have NO Verizon service. I'll be using your set up when I'm on the road, it's brilliant. However, do you have any idea if a WeBoost type device, at the camp, would help bridge the gap with your set up, at a place with NO Verizon service? Let me add that just a few miles down the road, Verizon does reappear. If so, what would be the proper set up order, including a WeBoost type device in the mix? Thanks and I found you today and Subbed!

  6. Jason Miller
    Jason Miller says:

    Hey there everyone. My wife and I are looking to purchase a travel trailer and a tow vehicle for it. I've been watching a lot of videos on what type of vehicle I'll need and I'm left confused. Would anyone be able to give me any suggestions or tell me what set up you have? We are looking for a full time living scenario so a trailer about 28ft minimum. Ideally the bigger the better but our budget is not so great so we will be looking for deals. We both work online so this video was fantastic.

  7. David Yummus
    David Yummus says:

    Thanks for the video 🙂
    I wonder if you have done a speed test,… I'm paying $87 a month for broadband internet to my house & at best, my download speed is 30 mbps,… I was wondering if my quality or speed would drop by going to Visible, their phone & the Hoo Too like you have

  8. DOSBoxMom
    DOSBoxMom says:

    My daughter's job-hunting for her first full-time post-college job, and her one big concern for communication/entertainment utilities in her first apartment will be internet service (she has a smartphone so doesn't need landline service, and can stream stuff to her laptop without cable or satellite TV, as long as she can access the internet). She's currently on Twigby (a Sprint-based service with Verizon voice/text roaming) for her cell phone service; however, Visible may well be an option if she ever decides to switch to a Verizon MVNO.

  9. s k
    s k says:

    Thanks for the helpful info. I'm on Verizon. If you're in a place with sketchy cell service, do you need a cell booster for your Visible to work? Thanks. Also, I just watched the Cloudcroft video — beautiful area!

  10. RoVin Russ
    RoVin Russ says:

    Cloudcroft is a beautiful area, lots of free camping in the Lincoln Natl Forest. Baca campground is also a good place between Lincoln and Smokey Bear Natl Park. For $225 a year you can get a NM State park pass to enter the parks for no additional charge. And $4/night if you want power. That price yearly is for nonresidents.

  11. falcon7350
    falcon7350 says:

    NO! Cheap Truly Unlimited Internet for Your RV is mint sim at 150$ to 300$ for a full year as you pay 1 time , get a cell phone or usb hotspot for tethering with root so you can remover all the throttling file so it cant throttled data and yes as by law you can do this

  12. falcon7350
    falcon7350 says:

    NO! Cheap Truly Unlimited Internet for Your RV is mint sim at 150$ to 300$ for a full year as you pay 1 time , get a cell phone or usb hotspot for tethering with root so you can remover all the throttling file so it cant throttled data and yes as by law you can do this

  13. Major Dick
    Major Dick says:

    Hopefully that ZTE phone works out for you. I'm not a big fan. In warmer climates it could just restart or shut off spontaneously during a large data transfer. May not be a bad idea to stash it in a cool spot while uploading big files.

  14. Gobblarr
    Gobblarr says:

    You dont need that nano router. All modern mobiles have tethering and then there is Foxfire which has been discontinued but is still available online. Foxfire is great because it bypasses the mobile provider restrictions. Also you might have bypassed the data cap/connection cap but the provider isnt dumb; when you extend beyond 60gigs you will be monitored and dropped. 60 gigs is an easy milestone if you forget to disable updates or upload videos.

  15. Bill Richardson
    Bill Richardson says:

    This is awesome. I don't boondock, but I am a software consultant. I need a backup internet source for the times when my main ISP goes down. Purchasing Visible and the $19 phone does exactly what I need – and I love that I can pay for it month to month. Perfect. Thanks!

  16. Kevin J
    Kevin J says:

    Have had VISIBLE for a year and it worked fine with my IPHONE SE. true it has unlimited data. But the problem was that VISIBLE uses Verizon towers exclusive. It will not roam to other towers that Verizon contracts with. You could have a VERIZON phone and a VISIBLE phone side by side and Verizon has connection. It happened in Bar Harbor Maine for me. It also happened around Mammoth Cave Kentucky. Be aware that it’s not perfection, but VISIBLE will happen to not connect some times.

  17. Asha Wheeler
    Asha Wheeler says:

    there website is https://www.visible.com/plan and this is at the bottom of the page… /// * WiFi calling available on select devices.
    +Mobile hotspot speeds capped at 5 Mbps and limited to one tethered device at a time.

    For questions about our service, please refer to our Help page. /////
    But I still find this to be a good deal for many people. It just depends on how much data you are processing per second. I may actually be able to work with this.

  18. Rick B Serrano
    Rick B Serrano says:

    Hello & thanks for the informative video… I wanted to try out the Visible service and phone, but as of today Sep. 25/19. their website states that there's a 5 mbps data cap; but in your video @ 2:49, you say that that was no longer the case… which is the current information, because if there's a data cap, that is a deal breaker. Thanks.

  19. Reno Simpson
    Reno Simpson says:

    This is dumb, their are several apps that solve all of these issues such as PDA.net which i'm currently using. It costs a few bucks but theirs even away around that. The app solution works with any carrier/ plan that has data.

  20. CowboyDav
    CowboyDav says:

    Question: What kind of speeds are you getting? Are you having to camp real close to the towers in order for it to work good? Last, could you also use a cell booster with it, and if so how would that all hook up and work? Thanks a lot for sharing…blessings

  21. Lyfan Deth
    Lyfan Deth says:

    What you might not know, is that all NVMO carriers have at best #4 priority on all major carriers. #1 are emergency responders enrolled in WPS. #2 are postpaid (contract) customers. #3 are prepaid (noncontract) customers and #4 are the reseller accounts. Who will find their service is the first one to drop, when the towers get busy. If there's plenty of capacity you might never notice.


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