Ebike ride by the Missouri River…—Heatseeker Bus conversion. tiny home RV skoolie.

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Hello friend. Welcome to my channel.
I’m converting a 40ft bus into a motor-home for full time occupancy and travel.
I plan on exploring Canada, coast to coast during the summer and seeking the warmer weather in the United States during the winter months.
You can support me by subscribing to my channel and watching my videos to see every step of the transformation.

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21 replies
  1. Eric Schweers
    Eric Schweers says:

    Glad you found the bike trails and were able to enjoy them my friend.. I grew up riding on them back and forth to school when I was a kid.. I had hoped to get back over and see you again this morning before you leave tomorrow but one of our dispatchers got sick to I am at work 10am to 10pm today (Sunday). I hope that antenna works out for you well since it is for the CB frequencies and glad you it installed with the current mount.. Safe journeys my friend and God bless you with safe travels and good health!! Remember you are part of the family now so if you need anything or get back in the area, you have a family to take care of you here too!!

  2. Chef Santa
    Chef Santa says:

    Good morning looks like you're enjoying America LOL stay safe stay strong stay healthy BT W I should know by Wednesday or Thursday if I got the bus will keep you informed. Remember if you going to be in Atlanta Georgia area please contact me before so we can meet and have a meal. God bless✌❤✝💪👍🎅🤙🚍🚌

  3. Birdnest58
    Birdnest58 says:

    Glad you’re enjoying yourself. So no bike trails back home? I guess Canadians don’t have much opportunity to ride bikes. Your ride looked fun. It’s nice that Jen and your family understood that this whole adventure was something you needed to do. Are you coming to Florida? Take care 😊


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