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Keeping 44’ of RV clean can be a challenge! Check it out as we try truck washes (including Blue Beacon), a $400 hand wash/wax, and or favorite DIY methods!
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Whether you have a standard gel coat, or full body paint, everyone likes their RV to be clean and shiny! The bigger the RV, the more difficult that task becomes. With a 44′ RV and Full body Paint, we have tried a LOT of ways to keep this baby clean! In this video, we check out a few truck washes, including Blue Beacon and Pride Truck Wash. We also get a professional wash and wax and show you our favorite way to dry wash in any RV Park: Wash Wax All!

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27 replies
  1. Joe the Computerguy
    Joe the Computerguy says:

    I crack up seeing all these folks spending all this money and time to try and keep their rig clean. In the CGs I stay in there are trees with branches, roads with branches, all scratching the side of the rv. No worry about scratching when getting washed. So much dust in the CG makes it IMPOSSIBLE to keep it clean. Life is too short to spend being anal about how clean the outside of the rig is IMO. To each their own though. I guess you can make a pile of money via Amazon affiliate links. $250 for a kit? Plus all the consumables to do it yourself?!?!?! No thanks!
    I have it professionally washed and waxed once a year. A Blue Beacon maybe during the year. 5 years old and looks brand new and I have a lot more coin in my pocket and spent way less time doing it myself.

  2. tyson altevers
    tyson altevers says:

    I noticed the CVMA hat on this episode, what chapter do you belong too?

    I am part of 47-2 in Albuquerque New Mexico.

    Are you guys thinking about going to nationals in Florida in 2020?

    We are thinking about it if so maybe we could meet up

  3. Michael Awe
    Michael Awe says:

    If you are willing and in a warmer climate, try washing the RV or truck during a rain. Let Mother Nature do the rinse. No extra water used. Only water in the wash bucket. Looks silly for outsider's viewpoint, but it works well.

  4. Chasing R Dreams
    Chasing R Dreams says:

    I've been using the Wash Wax All for the last year, it work great and makes the quick clean when we get home from trips super easy. I think it's getting easier to clean the bugs off the more I use it on the front cap.

  5. Sean Callahan
    Sean Callahan says:

    Next time you go to blue beacon, ask for a truck and trailer, citrushine the truck and trailer, brighten the trailer wheels, brush it, and rainX them both. And if the location has tire shine put that on there, may be pushing 100$, but it will look great until you hit rain, or a swarm of bugs on the highway. I worked there for a long time, that is the exact wash i would reccomend. Those brush streaks are there because they didnt rinse properly. Blue beacon will rewash for free, if you dont approve of something like that.

  6. golfnut
    golfnut says:

    Great video, that wash wax all looks like a great product. If anyone is in the Yuma area we stayed at foothills rv and in their brochure they listed a company that came out to the park, they hand washed and hand waxed with Meguirs wax our 38 foot class a for $99, yup $99 and they did a fabulous job.

  7. Ertha Crawford
    Ertha Crawford says:

    You guys are too funny!! You know I didn't think about this task thanks for showing the options. Phew I'd be pissed too about the bad wash and scratches, glad it got fixed.

  8. Brady Smith
    Brady Smith says:

    I have the Wash/Wax All kit also. I love it! I buy The Chemical Guys Waterless wash in the concentrate, and use that to make my gallons for this kit. Saves much money, and works, at least, as good as the stuff that comes in the kit.

  9. Endless RVing
    Endless RVing says:

    Always lamb wool pad should be used. Invest in a simple chuck water deionizer, small electric pressure washer and foam gun and you could get that rig clean in under 2 hours. We get our 37 foot class A done in under 90 min.

  10. Claire Yamagata
    Claire Yamagata says:

    Thank you for the review! We like Blue Beacon — used the one in Eloy, AZ. Pretty reasonable in our opinion, but can't beat your own hand detailing. We were using the RV Wash/Wax, along with the Protect-All Rubber Roof Treatment. Pretty labor intensive as it took a few days to complete the job on our 30' GD 5ver. The rubber roof treatment was a challenge due to my acrophobic issues and hubby (although a Fireman) had some issues on the roof. We will certainly try that Wash Wax All.

  11. Ron Oboogie
    Ron Oboogie says:

    I noticed a Blue Beacon in Shreveport on our way back from a trip to Texas. Wanted to stop but wasn't sure if they take care of RVs. I'll give them a try based on your advice. Also, I like the Dry wash idea for in-between cleaning. As always thanks for the tips especially using dryer sheets to get the bugs off. Bugs seem to love the hot humid weather in Louisiana. Lol

  12. KJRitch
    KJRitch says:

    I use Aero Cosmetics on our Airstream. Keeps the bugs from sticking and has UV protection. I don’t have the big kit just the hand wash kit. Still goes fast. I usually do one side in the morning shade and the other side in the afternoon shade.

  13. RV Diem
    RV Diem says:

    Thanks for the review and all the details on how to keep your rig clean. Would not have thought to try the dryer sheet or hand sanitizer. Great info so us newbies know what we are getting ourselves in to. Will have to pick up one of those Waterless Wash /Wax kits when we hit the road (very soon). Have an awesome week!


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