EarthRoamer XV-LTS F-550 Off-Road RV: Ultimate Zombiepocalypse Luxury Ride


( ) The EarthRoamer XV-LTS F-550 Extreme Off-Road RV is the ultimate Zombiepocalypse Luxury Ride. If you need to go around the world in style and comfort and you need to do so off-road…this extreme recreational vehicle is perhaps the best and only choice.

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45 replies
  1. TTP LLC
    TTP LLC says:

    Half Million dollars!?!
    The price tag makes it so hideous…yeah, sell a $500,000.00 home and buy it.
    Then, 5 years later check the price of the camper and the house.
    Sorry, my neurons would slap me to death.

  2. lil613homie
    lil613homie says:

    as much as I like it. if I brought a used say 2015 ford f350 diesel lariat with a 6 inch lift for 20k and tell a custom shop to make my truck a very luxurious camper for camping offroadng hunting and partying I'm sure I'd have a 10 times nicer more luxurious vehicle. and still have enough cash to buy a used side by side, 2 dirt bikes and a fully built blown big block mud truck and still have enough cash to travel across Canada then across America and zig zag all the way back. stopping at every state and Provience and partying and exploring the north American outdoors. but beautiful truck if you're lazy, insanely rich, and wanna waste money to own something less superior and have less fun.

  3. Abraham Lopez
    Abraham Lopez says:

    Come on guys, yeah its expensive but let's appreciate the fact that its freaking cool as F. It's offroad capable, its American made and it's a FoRd. Let's support some ingenuity and efficiency. I'd like to know who's loaning money on such a unit so I can sign up.

  4. TNitro N
    TNitro N says:

    This was my first TFL video view years ago. 3.9 million views on this one. Been watching all TFL channels since then. Nice job guys! Just came back for a bit of nostalgia!

  5. George Hembrow
    George Hembrow says:

    Looks like it’s all about image than survival. Just another over priced camper on wheels good for the WIFE…and all her toiletries. Plus lipstick and eye shadow. Show me a real survival machine not one that bounces from camp site to camp site. Come on, Please!

  6. Ger Ger
    Ger Ger says:

    Currently, have retired from RV life, cause of medical
    conditions/small retirement finances. Retirement funds have not met with the
    international financial index. SS Ins. is nothing, does not combat cost of
    living. Plus some genes, grow older faster; can not keep up with traveling.

    My favorite is a small TOY HAULER;  because there's a lot of things you could do
    in the attached rear garage and if you don't get a fifth wheel toy hauler, just
    conventional toy hauler, you can always get a new TOW UNIT:  ( Truck or SUV); not out a lot of money
    compared to the class A or Class C motorhomes. Any types of RV Trailers,  is having a diversified RV portfolio.  I ENJOY  the garage portion, great protected garage- patio,
    plus some have bath tubs and frt kitchen in the floorplan. I hate galley
    kitchen, cause of traffic flow issues. Garage is great storage for toys, or
    thro in air mattress, great sleeping. Slide outs are okay, but just another
    problem, when least expected. Solar panels are must have, better then

    Class A Motorhomes okay if you're going to be mobile,  & have lot of bank accounts for infinity
    of repairs. . They're very expensive to maintain/ operate,  they have a lot of toys on them,  so be ready for breakdowns, warranties are
    useless. Accessories are known to break break break… If you wreck them, Ins.
    are very poor to pay out!! Not many mechanics really know how to work on them,
    expensive $$ beast. Good mechanics are working in union auto garages, not RV garages.
    Diesels are smelly, both around the patio and smells lurk in to the units
    interiors. I ditched my diesel, could not stand the smell of diesel  around the coach.

    Class C motorhomes are very mobile to get around, sleeper
    over the cab is a waste of time : either too hot or too cold for good sleeping
    and if your senior, it's very risky getting in and out of there. Plus if
    there's two people sleeping up there, the frame over the cab really can't
    support much activity.  Class C is more
    affordable, less toys on them compared to the Class A & the upkeep is
    considerable less, plus USA parks are designed to fit class C, not class A.

    I would prefer a truck frame chassis with a trailer attached
    to it, because if you don't like the truck frame chassis,  always get another one, just remove the
    trailer, get a new Chev /Ford truck frame,  and attach the trailer on to the frame.. Engines
    are up front, so repairs are much easier/ cheaper, cause of being accessible.

    I have:  Class A,
    Trailer and Truck camper.  Truck / SUV
    are the only two of all of the above mentioned units, which have Lemon Law
    Protections. RV in general, carry no help from the courts and RV warranties,
    are collection of A-Z products and not insured by one manufacturer. My trailer
    is great for long length stays in the desert, Class A is okay, but expensive
    for interstate traveling and my camper has over 500,000 miles on it, as this is
    my weekend RV and gets a lot of usage. Wish my camper had a Murphy Bed,  hate the over head sleeper and most of the
    time, sleep on floor. Store my units on my property and visit them daily.  


    SIDEBAR: Ageing, lack of finances,  is not our friend for RV’s and traveling.
    Remember, RV’s are not loved by everyone, there is equal love/ hate for RV’s,
    as many call us trailer trash. Many cultures invading USA are not warm/fussy
    towards RV’s.

    Stellar boon-docking is great, when traveling day to day.
    Prefer to pay to park and received full hookups and use the unit, which is was
    intended for: FULL HOOKUPS. Remember, there is no LEMON LAW to protect RV
    units, so off road n boon-dock with caution, as the units are built very
    fragile & not intended for moon terrain walking. Snow n freezing temps, are
    not RV best friend, no matter how they are rated, they have no LEMON LAW
    protection against severe low temps. Remember, over night fees for RV camping
    can be pricey, some are reaching $100 ( PLUS) 
    per night and more and more are privately owned w/ annual membership by


    Point of Interest, no RV was designed to travel: Snow,
    freezing temps and day after day rain/wind storms. Extreme weather quickly
    takes years off of the RV coach, there were not built for this abuse.


    Here is a question for all RV owners: Do you advertise your
    bank account finances to the world? Reply: No!!!. So why advertise the cost of
    your RV to the world:  via fancy paint
    jobs, luxury tow units, luxury tow boats, chrome everything/ anything.  RV’s who advertise their wealth, are only
    advertising  to the nation, I have arrived
    in wealth and heck with your thoughts. Flashy RV’s ruin lifestyles for
    everyone. Stellar & non-monochromatic downplayed units, fit in everywhere
    and are less offensive to the nation, which do not have RV’s. We live in a
    country of extreme biases. Less is really more, when traveling and exploring USA.

    I belong to this free library, allows me to pick up books
    for free, anywhere in the USA and return to any location. Every city has this
    and is free and better then internet books. I have spent days in parking lots,
    using Wifi for free, when many stores and restaurants provide it for free. Now
    the little library, allows for national library, where ever anyone travels for
    free. RV’s don’t need TV/ IT/when we have free books at our disposal. Remember,
    some books, government archived shows, you tube, news, etc. can be download
    from IT for free, providing 100 hrs of viewing, anytime, anywhere, without IT


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