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A short RV driving excerpt with RV expert Mark Polk from the new DVD titled Drive your Motorhome Like a Pro available at

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Mark Polk

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  1. Jim Taylor
    Jim Taylor says:

    When I drove a Military bus (44 pass) and my Motor Home, I tried not to make right hand turns. I turned left, went around the block if it was to tight. You can make left turns easier and safer

  2. George AKA Dad
    George AKA Dad says:

    Finally a comprehensive description of the dynamics of maneuvering a large vehicle. I would add one observation. If you pull into the left lane leaving right lane open when making a right turn you are leaving yourself open for that @#$%^& driver that dashes up on you inside. And you are liable for the damages.

    In addition to your correct example of waiting for the traffic to clear and utilizing the oncoming lane in the street you are turning into it may be best to drive down the road until you can turn around and come back to the intersection from the opposite direction, making the turn from your left rather than right. Giving you much more room to make the turn successfully. The key is patience I don't want any bruises on my coach. 🙂

  3. roberto abrams
    roberto abrams says:

    Although I have a 25' B+, the mechanics behind your pivot point awareness is basically the same! Also, knowing and getting used to your vehicles turning ratio is equally important. Great video…Cheers guys!

  4. Alan Heath
    Alan Heath says:

    I am an experienced driver but I found this interesting and useful to watch.

    I am grateful you put this up…. however….. is a one minute musical introduction really necessary?

  5. RV Education 101®
    RV Education 101® says:

    Hypatia70 this is just a short excerpt from our 67 minute dvd. All the terms are FULLY explained in the dvd. You can see the link in our description under the video of where to get the full version dvd.

  6. Hypatia70
    Hypatia70 says:

    Sorry, but I'm a total newbie. I don't know what a pivot point is, how to know what and where it is, nor do I know what the 'sway' is and how to figure that out. Your video isn't 101 because you assume beginners already know these basics. Oh well. Good try. I did learn a little, though. Thanks

  7. j2cool2
    j2cool2 says:

    Should this or can this basic philosophy be applied to when you tow a camper? I have a 16' travel trailer and wonder when I do take it out (got it last year just before the summer n dry weight info was wrong; I need a larger stronger vehicle to tow it so I did not go anywhere with it last year but would like to know if I get to use it this summer or take it to RV place to have it checked n shown how to prep, hook up & use it properly. Thx


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