Dometic DM2652 RV Refrigerator Repair


Dometic DM2652 RV Refrigerator Repair – detailing the repair of a faulty part #3850644422 (120V 325W Heater Element) Shows disconnections made and full pull out of the RV Fridge.
How to troubleshoot the problem with a multimeter. How to open the boiler cover and replace the heater element.
Footage of complete repair procedure.

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Heating Element –

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23 replies
  1. Lynne Latham
    Lynne Latham says:

    I have a 1978 Dometric refrigerator and it is always too cold. It is in the electric mode for temperature and I have it set on 1, which I think should be the lowest setting (maybe I am wrong-there are no instructions). It always has condensation on the roof of the fridge and leaks constantly into the refrigerator. Is this simply a matter of changing the setting or is this a more serious problem?

  2. Joinoh
    Joinoh says:

    Thank you Sir, this video led me to my problem. Fortunately, I was able to do the replace in my Forrest River Sunseeker without extracting the unit. It is working great again!

  3. Julie Poirier
    Julie Poirier says:

    Thank you for this Video Ray. Mine (Dometic RM2451) is not cooling on a/c but the element is fine, Plug and cord/input is fine, the 5v fuse is ok, I don't see other fuses. I am thinking the control board. I wish I could see more of where you apply the tips of the tester for test at 14:08 :-0), Works on propane but extra waisted expenses since I am hooked up!

  4. Nick Xu
    Nick Xu says:

    Great video. I have the same fridge, brand new. On Electric it’s insufficient cold, cold but won’t make ice in freezer. On LP, there is no flame. When I open the panel outside to watch, it will click click try to light the flame, but no LP comes out and it gives up after 45 seconds, check light comes on. My stove had propane working just fine. What could be the problem? Thank you very much.

  5. Mary Lynn
    Mary Lynn says:

    I feel quite accomplished to trouble shoot and repair this problem with your assistance. The same fridge in a Nomad Joey, travel trailer. Removal was tough as I did not want to pull my fridge out completely. Per video working space was a bear and the old element was very corroded. Thank you so much, this saved me $$$, and was rewarding to complete. Working Well!!Mary J. 61yr old, fixed the grandma's travel wagon. All will be happy:)

  6. gene ward
    gene ward says:

    Were you able to obtain the part locally same day and get the fridge back in operation same day? I see you listed Amazon for the part, but thought I'd ask anyway. Thank you.

  7. Enid Colon
    Enid Colon says:

    Hi I have a question I have a domestic dm2652 I just changed the thermoster the one inside the fridge because it was freezing everything and I thought it was that but it's still doing the same thing everything I put in there it freezes do you have any idea what else can it be

  8. Carlos Perez
    Carlos Perez says:

    Thanks for the great video, Ray! I have the same model Dometic, but different control panel (385 04 15-01). My refrigerator works well on gas, but on AUTO it doesn't seem to get nearly as cold. Just some, but not to the same level after several hours connected to AC shore power. Should the flue feel warm to the touch from the heating element when running on AC? the flue on mine doesn't get warm when running on AUTO.

    Do you (or anyone reading this) know where the blue wire hanging from the eyebrow connecter (6 plug) on the upper left of the control board connect to? The blue wire on my refrigerator is terminated with a piece of black shrink tubing.

  9. John Branca
    John Branca says:

    good your video, at the point when you're removing the heater element, there are 2 red wires that go to something on that round panel.  Do you know what that part is called..and…is it supposed to spin/move?  On my unit, I can freely move/spin whatever those 2 red wires are connected to

  10. Ronny Stormo
    Ronny Stormo says:

    Well i dont think dometic is a very good brand..every dometic ref i've owned has needed repair in the first couple of the element like you and one the register ..


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