Do your homework! How Bad RV Dealers Can Fleece Consumers


In this interview, you’ll hear some incredibly crooked and sleazy tactics that some unscrupulous RV Dealers may pull on the unsuspecting buyer. Thank goodness these dealers are few and far between but they are there and RVers should proceed with caution when choosing the RV dealer to buy from. Cannon Combs from RV Station shares some of his thoughts on sleazy tactics as well as an invitation to his RV Classes that are teaching RVers everywhere how to become a smarter and happier RVer. Let us know what you think. Post your comments or call and leave a voicemail 24/7 at 1-330-Wingman.

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6 replies
  1. maxjr758
    maxjr758 says:

    Cannon Combs you need a dealership in Western North Carolina ! No we need for you to have a dealership in Western North Carolina ! We need a alternative to CAMPING WORLD ! I have a great Dealership location in mind and I'm sure Marcus Lemonis would unload it for a song at this point !
    Please come to NC !

  2. Olie, Lena and the RV
    Olie, Lena and the RV says:

    I do have an issue with RV Station. I came through College Station and needed my propane regulator replaced. I called RV Station and the first question was, “did you buy it from us?” By answer was no and they told me it would be 2 weeks before they could fit me in. I explained that I live full time and do they have hook ups for me to use. They said no, our liability insurance doesn’t cover it.
    I’m up in Kerrville RV and needed service. I called KeRVille needed service and they said come on in in the morning. I came in, they inspected the issue then referred me to Onan. Very informative and helpful service department. I came in Friday and can’t get in to see Onan until Tuesday. They put me up in a bay, plugged me into electric and water for the entire weekend, one of the service guys came to check on me Sunday. This morning I went into the parts and service department. They were taking in several checks from people calling from the road. They did some quick checks and one repair, greased someone’s wheel bearing and when the customer came in to pay the manager said no charge, we had to take the wheel off to check anyhow. That family was on their way back to The Valley.
    Now that is customer service.

  3. den s
    den s says:

    I would get a copy of the contract unsigned of course and take it to legal person to make sure it will not get you in trouble am I right or not?

  4. Roy Davis
    Roy Davis says:

    A prime example why you need to have in writing on your deposit "fully refundable". Our Consumer laws are fairly good but I've seen an increase of places getting lots of deposits then filing bankruptcy. They're SOL. I like our local Newmar dealer but he can't sell the top end units so I'll have to travel hundred of miles. I'm actually closer to the factory service center than nearest dealership.


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