Do Early RV Checkout Times DRIVE YOU CRAZY?🤪


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  1. Catherine Sykes
    Catherine Sykes says:

    I an totally with you! One reason I love NC parks is that most of them have a 3 PM check-out. Check-in is usually 4 PM, but most parks will let you check in early if the site is available. Love the overnight parking lot idea. Go for it! 😁

  2. DieselDoug77
    DieselDoug77 says:

    We work at a KOA franchise. I can agree that 10:00 AM (or even 11:00 AM) is WAY too early for checkout time. I think we have a fairly “relaxed” checkout time of 12:00 Noon. Check-in time is 1:00 PM. We do allow both late checkout of 2:00 PM and early check-in (any time after 8:00 AM) – IF the site is available.

    I have to dispute your claim that there’s nothing to do to clean the sites. True, it’s not a hotel room. However, we strive to have each site the way WE would like to arrive to them. SPOTLESS. We check for micro-trash (cigarette butts, bottle caps, gum/candy wrappers, cable-ties, bread twist ties, etc) and clean the fire pits. I even go so far as pick up pistachio and peanut shells! It’s someone else’s trash. If I don’t want to see it on MY campsite, why should I expect our guests to? Granted, it only takes about 5 minutes to thoroughly clean a site. But when you have 50+ leaving a day, and usually all within about a two hour window, it takes time to make sure all the campsites are clean for the next guest.

    We have been to some campgrounds and state parks (Bayou Segnette State Park in Louisiana) where the fire pit was literally overflowing with beer cans and empty cigarette packs. Clearly, cleaning the campsites is more importantly to some campgrounds than others…

  3. Erroll Doss
    Erroll Doss says:

    I have run into the opposite situation. I've happened to get to a campground where I had reservations much earlier than anticipated. I checked at the office and a site like I had reserved was open. Unfortunately, they were going to tack on an early arrival fee. To me, this didn't make sense. I understand not letting someone check in before their reservation time if a site that was reserved wasn't available yet. If the site is available, why not just let the folks check in and get set up.

  4. Colleen Bean
    Colleen Bean says:

    Michigan State Parks are 1:00 but we’d love it if they’d follow Indiana’s lead, 5:00 on Sundays. Working people arrive Friday evenings and only have really 1 1/2 days at the site. Being able to enjoy ALL of Sunday is sooo nice. Anyone coming in on Sunday isn’t working a regular job and most likely has more flexibility on arrival time.

  5. Bob Shaw
    Bob Shaw says:

    Hi Sean and Kristy If you've never been here is a beautiful and unique place to check out on Lake Erie shoreline in Ohio and experience Chautauqua Lakeside, a 143-year-old gated summer community that began as a campground and still is one today – along with hundreds of charming cottages, recreational, spiritual, educational and entertainment activities.

  6. ZiggZagg11
    ZiggZagg11 says:

    A quick stop electric only would be enough in my opinion… It would make the place easier to go into business without all the water/plumbing regulation hurdles…

  7. The Flyin Hawaiian
    The Flyin Hawaiian says:

    I hate it!!!!! I tell everyone that this is just dumb!!!! U cant even have time for a breakfast!!! They are quick to take ur money tho!!!!! Go boondocking and leave when ur good and ready!!!! Now, I gotta go and get ready for check out!!!

  8. M Walker
    M Walker says:

    I usually always have my stuff ready to be pulled the day before, stuff like chairs and everything outside and inside picked up and ready for all I have to do is take up water hose and sewer stuff and then just roll in the slides hook up and leave when time is needed. I do know on I-20 about the 608 mile marker or so there was a or use to be a rest area that is no longer there, but I do know there is still a sewer station still being taken care of and all that lil area could be converted to a RV fill/dump if someone would push the issue something could possibly happen.

  9. Donald Perrell
    Donald Perrell says:

    I agree. We are weekend campers and it is sooo nice when you can take your time on Sunday. One campground we stay at will let us stay as long as we want as long as the campsite we are on isn't rented out the day of our checkout. Very nice of them to do that.

  10. GaryW48
    GaryW48 says:

    Same is true for tent campers! An 11am out time for a tent site gets me. The same is true when a campground bathrooms close for cleaning around 10am to 12 noon, or 11am to 1pm. My bowel movements cannot be regulated by a clock, for it was, I would be so happy!


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