DIY Self Build Mercedes Sprinter Camper RV Conversion Cubic Mini Wood Stove installation

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DIY Self Build Mercedes Sprinter Camper RV Conversion Cubic Mini Wood Stove installation in my off-grid stealth camper van.
here is a link to cubic mini wood stoves website

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31 replies
  1. pa maj
    pa maj says:

    Get rested up mate and drink plenty of freshly squeezed lemons into a pint glass of water, add some honey if you want for taste and to ease your throat from cough damage.
    Get well first mate, YouTube can weight 👍

  2. garrie curtis
    garrie curtis says:

    Mel tip to help with that cold, get some menthol crystals, crush them down put in a cup and add boiling water then put that next to you when you sitting down or sleeping it will clear up in a couple of hours

  3. loz11968
    loz11968 says:

    Use electrical tape or duck tape to stop the drill skidding on tiles..

    Someone called a friend years ago and asked how do you stop a drill skidding when you try to drill
    and they said use a centre punch
    Turns out he was trying to drill tiles and ended up breaking loads of them
    Keep up the good work Mel

  4. Gary Bradley
    Gary Bradley says:

    Hi Mel. I’m confused about this. How can you get insured. Surely you need to do a full conversion with the windows and all that to get official camper van status. Other than that you are modifying the vehicle. Are insurance companies happy with that and prepared to insure

  5. Jimmy Call
    Jimmy Call says:

    Yeah masonry drills/bits will crack tiles, unless you don't push down and take minute chips out over time. You rally needed to use glass drill bits. Put some slightly watered down PVA glue in the cracks and that will seal it enough and bind.

  6. versatec1
    versatec1 says:

    My woodstove chimney extends 20mm above the roof of my truck…there is a aluminium plate around the chimney…you can not see anything from the ground…works perfect..has done for 5 years😊👍❤

  7. Louis Jantzen
    Louis Jantzen says:

    Well. A 7am buzz from gmail: "Mel has uploaded a vid on YT", so wakey wakey, sonny. (yawn, stretch, press play)
    Yep, you're right: Don't do these things when you're not feeling well. Drink a toddy & go to bed.
    BTW: Congrats on 9k subs! Next stop, 10k…

  8. Malcolm Rowe
    Malcolm Rowe says:

    Looking good but I can't see what you are gaining from the chequer plate as aluminium is a super heat conductor! It might reflect a bit of heat on the base but fastening a piece directly to the back, not sure?? Heater!! Southern softy!! Haha

  9. The Urban Explorer
    The Urban Explorer says:

    Ooffff your early or late . Liverpool’s full of cold and bugs at the min mate I think it’s a national bloody bug get well mate. off to watch . Love the idea with the exhaust I’d keep it all the time mate it looks great


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