Did something happen to The RV Wingman?


Alan Warren, The RV Wingman reports from the “belly of the beast” of the RV Industry (Elkhart, Indiana) and gives his perspective on what he’s learned. You’ll be surprised at what he says. Is he wimping out and drinking the Kool-Aid?

Take a listen and let us know your thoughts. Post them below or call and leave a voicemail message 24/7 at 1-330-Wingman.

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8 replies
  1. Gregg Ouellette
    Gregg Ouellette says:

    Love the show, keep up the good work guys…! These are my go too's on YouTube, and I would love to see them on your show. Finding Our Someday, Keep Your DayDream, You Me & The Rv, The Chick's Travel, Traveling Robert, Mortons On The Move, Drivin n Vibin, Chickery's Travel, all great well done channels with great info…!

  2. Jim Watkins
    Jim Watkins says:

    Glad the RV wingman is seeing industry manufactures. There are many examples of manufactures not being “nice” with warranty repairs. The problem they have is that when these stories get out potential customers do not buy the product. They may save a few thousand by not correcting problems now, but they are losing on millions from buyers that have lost trust. The industry is suffering from self-inflicted wounds and will continue to do so until manufactures do a better job of warranty work and most importantly hold dealers to a higher standard. My advice to friends is to not buy a new RV and I give numerous examples that is very convincing. Used RV’s with a complete pre buy inspection from an independent company is the only option in my view.

  3. Tyrel Sackett
    Tyrel Sackett says:

    Being as I have been preparing, for the last 2 1/2 years, to go full time next Spring, there are a many YouTube folks who I have learned a lot from. While there are many others whom I could include, these 3 are at the top of my rather lengthy list. In no particular order they are: Technomadia (Chris and Cherie are Super Geeks, the most informed couple when it comes to connecting with the outside world while on the road, or water if you prefer.). Keep Your Daydream (Mark & Trish are great at explaining things that can be understood at any level, and are a lot of fun). Changing Lanes (Chad & Tara have a unique way of explaining the details without them becoming boring, plus he is a fellow shipmate). Hope to hear them sometime in the future. v/r, TS USN (Ret), Denver, CO

  4. Meant 2 Be RVing
    Meant 2 Be RVing says:

    Great monologue. Thanks for sharing Graphics girl/wingman. Always try to play it nice. Less stress to make your point in a polite manner, you’ll walk away feeling better. Remember you never know what others are dealing with or going through. 🥰

  5. Matthew B
    Matthew B says:

    I do say things to people's faces. There are times when nice doesn't cut it with these rip off artists like camping world.
    As far as being nice generally I am. I am always helping people and joining in. There is a difference between love the neighbor and let corporations screw you.


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