Dealing with our Terrible RV mattress! RV Renovation! Salty Escape (Ep.91)


We have started renovating the BRAND NEW Bighorn Traveler 39mb 5th Wheel! The first priority was the mattress in the bedroom! Why do they make these mattresses so terrible?

Please consider helping the kind people of the Bahamas who have lost everything!

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Our Theme Song . “Our Salty Escape” was created by these artists:

Alex Alsic a very talented young French musician. He wrote our base melody and really started this project off and running!

Chaz Mechenbier a close family friend and career singer / songwriter. His influence with this song was amazing!

and Nikki Jo Baker- Her female voice, really rounded out our song. We were so lucky to have her!

and WE wrote the lyrics!!

All other Music was purchased from


5 replies
  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Why do they put such cheap stuff in expensive RVs? Really, I don't know… Let us know what you think!
    We may be making some changes to our channel, more to come on this.
    Hope you enjoy the video! Corey

  2. Bubbles Playhouse
    Bubbles Playhouse says:

    What a great idea…now you have all that room are you going to put in some end tables? We also put in a memory foam topper. Don't get why they put such pos mattresses in either…especially since the sizes are odd.

  3. Tony B
    Tony B says:

    We just upgraded the mattress in our travel trailer too, and have the same question “Why would they put such a horrible mattress in a new RV?”
    We tried adding a 3” Topper to the original mattress, and it was still horrible. We ended up with a 10” thick replacement from CW, and now we sleep fine.
    Oscillating Saw to the rescue..again!

  4. diane haslar
    diane haslar says:

    We had a 24ft motorhome with the bed in the back right side of the corner with a very poor mattress. We had to go get egg crate and put two layers on it because of the odd size of bed. Still little hard. We had only 3ft on left side to get into bed then there was a solid wall because tub was on other side of wall. Very tight quarters. You did an excellent job Corey. By the way good thing you still have your tools! 👏👏👏👏👏👏


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