CPS investigation of 7 kids in RV Full Time (Child Protective Services)


We have some YouTube haters who called cps on us. Watch to see the outcome.


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  1. Michael Anderson
    Michael Anderson says:

    That is what I do not understand who is to say there is expectations where you have to live as long as it is safe and warm or cool shelter over they’re head and they are fed it’s really none of the government or public’s damn business so stay out this ladies business too… and fuck that nosy old lady!!!

  2. A
    A says:

    What's wrong with the nosy people on you tube. Just because you can't manage your money and life like they can they don't want you to be happy. Most kids I know look upon living in a RV as a adventure. To the haters that think they have a right to get a case against these people, MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!

  3. Tiffany Elliott
    Tiffany Elliott says:

    I'm releived to see this because we are currently doing our research about going into an rv full time with 3 kids and I came across this. Any tips or advice you have is much welcomed. Thanks and I'm so glad everything went fine now I'd work on blocking that lady hehe.

  4. z z
    z z says:

    Hi I am a young mother i have a one year old and want to get a rv to live in for awhile maybe a year or two in New York or California is this legal? Will I have issues? Are there requirments?

  5. Candy K
    Candy K says:

    I remember watching a TV series called Promised Land where the family homeschooled the children and they were traveling all over the states, experiencing different issues, etc.
    It was a good show.

  6. Jessica Ritchie
    Jessica Ritchie says:

    Just found your channel. I would love to be able to take my kids on the road and out of public school. It would be amazing. I don't know what the rules or laws are with home schooling but I know it's a tough subject with CPS. My sister in law has called on me 3 times. Everytime her marriage gets Rocky she tries to get them to take my kids so she can get custody of them so her rich husband don't leave her. Sounds insane but it's the God's honest truth otherwise my children wouldn't be here with me. People are sick in the head I'm sorry you had to be fearful of this situation I know how it feels. The last time my sister in law called it's because my husband and I took my kids on a month long camping trip. She told cps that we had no food for our children and that we were living in the woods..lol it was a state park where we had to pay the site fees and we had our camper..lol when the state police and CPS came to our site my children were eating steak, shrimp, and salad.. it was such a joke. Hope everything else goes as planned for you and your family..

  7. David Brickey
    David Brickey says:

    There are people who cannot mind their own business. We can see you’re you guys are good parent that taking care of your Children. Never let people know where you’re are at happy travels be safe.

  8. Carlos Lunna
    Carlos Lunna says:

    Fucken assholes !!! Im going to start living full time in my r.v and may have to sometimes park on the street parking any tips on if police or cps bugs me and my girl i have 2 and one on the way . Thanx

  9. Katna F
    Katna F says:

    Yet meth heads still have their kids. You seem like an awesome mommy, and I can tell you love your kids so much. You keep raising your kids and teach them right from wrong and just continue letting them know that mommy will be there


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