Couple Faces Jail Time For Living In An RV / Van Life Nomad / RV Living Full Time

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This channel will teach you the good, the bad, and the reality of Minimal Living, RV Life, Camping, Boondocking, Tiny camper, camping, Van Life, Nomad / Nomadic Life, and frugal living.
After years of working 60 to 70 hours a week and never taking a vacation, Carolyn and I (Rob) decided to quit our job and begin living our dream. We bought a 1970 Starcraft pop-up camper and fixed it up, traveling the country, and only staying at free campsites. After living in it for a year, our pop-up was burned down by someone in a National Forest. We did not let that get us down. We built a homemade truck camper in 2 1/2 week so we could continue living our dream. Welcome to Little House On The Road 2.0 and welcome to the Little House On The road Family.
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17 replies
  1. Kevin Huang
    Kevin Huang says:

    I don’t think it’s right that the neighbors get to send the Mississippi homeowners to jail. The family got approval from the mayor and HOA, but somehow that’s not good enough? Since when did members of HOA get the legal power to override a mayoral decree or even their own HOA’s decree? It would be interesting to see how this plays out legally because there are too many conflicting messages in this extremely unusual case. Common sense tells me that the neighbors are out of line and the HOA/mayor are OK in allowing the family to stay in their own RV on their own property as their house is being remodeled.

  2. Txtea Ranch
    Txtea Ranch says:

    I live in a subdivision with HOA. If their covenant rules does not specify that NO RV allowed to park on the streets or property then that’s that.
    Bemire you buy a home or condo or townhome with HOA, read their covenants & bylaws before you go to your closing.
    Wish everyone would be as courteous as you both are.

  3. Paul Elek
    Paul Elek says:

    Give people your hand then they try and take your arm. It's human nature unfortunately. I see "Without Bound" was released in 2014. It's amazing how drastically things have changed in such a short period of time. Glad you have an exit plan.

  4. Shelly Malone
    Shelly Malone says:

    I find the ultimate hypocrisy here is that the homeowners/cities etc. who are out to eliminate nomad/RV living will let hundreds of people live in a tent or a cardboard box on the street, open pooping and drug use, they bring them blankets and sandwiches and are oh so proud of themselves for their charity. I truly don't understand the difference but I guess there is one. I don't want anyone to have to live in a vehicle or on the street (and I understand that many have no other choice) but if they choose to then there are rules they have to follow as you have so clearly pointed out.

  5. Katherine B.
    Katherine B. says:

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