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Cooperstown, New York – Full Time RV: Phil finally was able to check off the Baseball Hall of Fame off his bucket list. But that is not the best part of Cooperstown. We stayed nearby at a Fly Creek Cider Mill which is a great Harvest Host. Lake Otsego is beautiful and is just begging to be explored by boat or kayak. Glimmerglass state park has a great campground right on the Lake Otsego. It is a perfect location if you want to check out the Baseball Hall of Fame.

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21 replies
  1. Carol Evans
    Carol Evans says:

    Plenty to see in NY.  Cooperstown is lovely.  I'm glad you had a good time in my home state.  I've been the Baseball Hall of Fame three times.  It never disappoints.  If you are in the Quantico area of Triangle VA – don't miss the US Marine Corp Museum or if you are in  Dayton OH – don't miss the US Air Force Museum.  Both are fabulous and free to get in unlike so many other museums.  Stay safe on the road!  I look forward to your next video.

  2. James Gordanier
    James Gordanier says:

    I am subscribed to 14 other full time channels but you guys are the best. We moved into our XLR Thunderbolt 5th wheel toy hauler in April but won’t be able to travel full time until sometime next summer can’t wait, hope to see you on the road.

  3. Tamara Wheeldon
    Tamara Wheeldon says:

    Love the pontoon boats! We rented one with our daughter and grandkids and went out on Tims Ford Lake in TN… had the best time! So while i was watching this video got all excited about going back and doing it again!!😃 you guys have so much fun and have such informative videos😊 i am learning so much from you guys! Cant wait to get our fifth wheel😁

  4. Tim Allen
    Tim Allen says:

    Hey Guys! I enjoyed the video ( BUUUT! ) I think you just might enjoy where those bats came from! Louisville Ky. We have the largest bat in the world! I think its over one hundred feet tall! And you have to come and stay at least a week here! Because here there is way to many thing to see and take in! RE church hill downs and the museum , bell of louisville ,' steam boat '! and a lot of other things to menchin! What was Phils rank when he retired? Chief or master chief? Ha! Ha! I to was navy! What Was Phils MOS? Im the one who's brother had a bad accident in Texas! There doing Ok! He and his wife havn't given up on getting out there , they have decided on a 5th wheel but havn't found one as yet! "NOT A MOTOR HOME"!

  5. Mark Wild
    Mark Wild says:

    Just wanted to say, its a pleasure to see natural content, not manufactured to look like everything is perfect, (like some others) life's not and please don't apologize for saying the kids were a PITA, if they were – they were, you're not not going to offend anyone.
    Great work, keep it up!

  6. Infidel By Choice
    Infidel By Choice says:

    Enjoyed yet another  of your vids.  Well done.  I'm from St. Louis……..thanks for highlighting Whitey Herzog's plaque….saved me the $18 admission.  🙂  🙂  🙂  Never knew his given names.. Now I understand the Whitey moniker.

  7. Russell Pennington
    Russell Pennington says:

    The HOF was magical to me! I am a coach and I took two different baseball teams to Cooperstown to participate in the baseball tourney that occur there from June to August. I also took them to the HOF to see and understand the history of the game. Unbelievable place, beautiful town, and beautiful area! Go to Doubleday Field and listen to the silence. You can feel the history and ghosts of past legends that have played there.

  8. Rick Hopkins
    Rick Hopkins says:

    Agree, the hall of fame is a bit underwhelming. Cooperstown is great area though, lots to see, good food and the lake is beautiful. I recommend stopping by Brewery Ommegang. You can also get their beers in many local restaurants.

  9. John Wilson
    John Wilson says:

    Football Hall of Fame is about 1/2 hour from us. Never been there but will probably make it this fall due to 10 year old grandchild asking to go. Keep the great videos coming!

  10. Janice Voss
    Janice Voss says:

    We went to Cooperstown a few years ago, with my brother and his wife. I will say the guys enjoyed it more than the girls. We also went to Niagara Falls on the Canadian side which we all loved!! Looked 👀like you all had a wonderful time out on the lake boating. Safe travels 😊💞🇺🇸


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