Controversial Video Of Donald Trump Kissing Campaign Aide Alva Johnson Released To The Public

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Back in February, President Donald Trump’s former campaign aide Alva Johnson filed a lawsuit in which she claimed that Trump forcibly kissed her without consent. Trump and his White House have denied the allegations and claim that the incident, which allegedly took place in August 2016, was nothing more than a playful encounter.

Now, CNN reports that Trump’s attorney Charles Harder released a video of the encounter that he claims clears Trump. Johnson’s side isn’t convinced — they say the video supports her story.

In a Wednesday court filing. Harder said that the video doesn’t show Trump kissing Johnson in the forceful manner that she claims.

“The two have a very brief, innocent interaction that is mutual — and not forcible,” Harder wrote before claiming that Johnson’s allegations “are entirely false.”

In response, Johnson’s team said in a subsequent court filing that “the video shows exactly what Ms. Johnson alleged happened to her: an unwanted kiss from Defendant Trump.”

Although U.S. District Court Judge William Jung dismissed the lawsuit last month as a political dispute, he allowed Johnson to refile “an amended complaint within thirty days.” Since then, both parties have continued to file motions and on Friday, Jung agreed to extend his initial deadline to July 29.

Trump has been plagued by sexual assault accusations for the duration of his presidency. Per The Inquisitr, Tim O’Brien, the president’s biographer and author of TrumpNation: The Art of Being the Donald, recently discussed Trump’s relationship with disgraced financier and alleged sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, as well as a lawsuit that Raw Story reports accused Trump of raping a 13-year-old girl.

“When I worked on my book about Trump, Trump regularly talked to me about Jeff Epstein and he felt they had lifestyles that were in sync,” O’Brien said on MSNBC’s AM Joy.

According to the rape lawsuit against Trump, the victim “loudly pleaded with Defendant Trump to stop but with no effect.” Trump reportedly responded to the victim’s pleas by “violently striking Plaintiff in the face with his open hand and screaming that he would do whatever he wanted.”

The same woman claims that Epstein raped her after Trump, and both men reportedly tried to keep her silent with threats of harm to her family. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Epstein is alleged to have threatened his young victims using private investigators that followed them and their families. In one case, the investigators allegedly drove one of the victims’ parent’s car off the road.

To date, at least 24 women have accused Trump of sexual misconduct.

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