Complete RV Solar Install For Boondocking / Dry Camping Part 1 of 3 – RV Upgrades


Part 1 of our RV solar install series focuses on installing the solar panels and the solar controller to harness the power of the sun! This 3 part series shows the complete installation Go Power! Solar Extreme Kit to allow us to live off the cord. Check out the blog post for more details:





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Parts installed in this video:
Go Power! Solar Extreme Kit:
Go Power! 30 Amp Solar Controller:
Go Power! Overlander 160W Solar Panel:
MC4 Solar Connectors:

This is only part 1 of our 3 part RV solar install series. Here we mount the solar panels to the roof of the RV, wire them in parallel, and install the solar controller. The goal of this RV solar system is to allow us to boondock and dry camp with AC power and never have to worry about running out of electricity!

Gear used to shoot this video:
Sony a6000:
Sony Action Cam:
Sony Gun/Zoom Microphone:
Gutman Microphone Windscreen:
Sony Lightweight Tripod:
JOBY GorillaPod:

Music Credits
* Diviners feat. Contacreast – Tropic Love (Provided by NCS)
Diviners Youtube Channel –

* Cormak – Flavors (Provided by NCS)
Cormak’s Youtube Channel –


20 replies
  1. Dan B
    Dan B says:

    One other comment. You should switch to an mppt controller instead of that pwm controller. That will boost your usable amps by about 10%

  2. Dan B
    Dan B says:

    Great video except for one thing. I know you've probably seen a dozen comments about it already. But those wire nuts or a huge no no. I hope you have corrected that by now. The video is a year-old so I'm assuming that you've gone back and fix that mistake. If not well hope your insurance is good

  3. paul urbanski
    paul urbanski says:

    well done! quick question, what did you do with the wires from the solar panels running across the top of the roof to the refridgerator vent? totally enjoyed the video, and the emotion you showed when it all worked, CLASSIC!

  4. ilona dale
    ilona dale says:

    Nice clean install. Done well!!! Critical mistake when connecting power into the main power of rig… should place electrical tape on wirenuts if you use them like that … arguable should have done the splice in a junction box for safety reasons.

  5. Michael Brown
    Michael Brown says:

    Outstanding job!!! It looks AMAZING!!! I don't know if there is such a thing as too much Dicor RV sealant, so you certainly did it right. Thank you soooo much for sharing this.

  6. Patrick Nottingham
    Patrick Nottingham says:

    I actually laughed when you got it excited it was working. I know that feeling – the one where something does what you hoped the first time after a long days work. It's pretty exciting.

  7. Scott Banks
    Scott Banks says:

    just a note your plan to tilt panels is way off. you have to do each one separately and you have to be on the roof to do it.
    I'll have to put up a video to show all how to bolt 3 panels together and be able to tilt all at once in any of 4 directions and at different angles,
    this is because you never know which way you want to park your rv

  8. Stacy Cantrell
    Stacy Cantrell says:

    After the Solar Panel was hooked up to the wires connected to the converter, battery wires why did you have to hook up the shore power cable to see if the solar panels were charging the batteries, it would seem that the shore power would do that for you or did I misunderstand the video

  9. John Buhler
    John Buhler says:

    Just a quick question: she made mention of all the equipment that came with the kit, but I didn't see you make use of the "Pure Sine Wave Inverter", or the "Smart Converter Charger", but I didn't see you install those components. Were those extra, non-essential components or were they used elsewhere? Great video and explained extremely well! Thanks so much.


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