City of Snohomish wants gentrification over low-income housing

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Red alert to Snohomish Mobile Home and RV Park residents:

The Snohomish City Council approved on Feb. 4 the creation of a 15-member task force to be selected by mayor John Kartak. Its purpose will be to rezone the Avenue D corridor. More realistically, it is to spot-zone the trailer park and the adjacent Snohomish County-owned, 9.5-acre parcel for commercial redevelopment.

Even though the city has a long-standing Economic Development Committee of 10 members and a planning commission of seven members, the mayor wants to promote new revenue sources through redevelopment (translate to more commercial retail businesses for the sales tax revenue). Hence, this redundant ad hoc committee with its members cherry-picked by the mayor.

It’s obvious the mayor and council favor further gentrification over maintaining or adding housing for very low-income folks.

I recently had the opportunity to chat with County Executive Dave Somers at a local hardware store about not only preserving our trailer parks, but allowing new ones.

The county is slated this year to sell its 9.5 acre Avenue D parcel adjacent to the trailer park. It should insist this acreage be used for affordable housing, which most certainly includes trailer parks.

Finally, Mayor Kartak and his administration have had a poor track record with their plans for the Second Street Corridor and Pilchuck District. Don’t let the Avenue D Corridor rezone be their third boondoggle and land grab.

Humanity should come first, ahead of real estate profits.

Morgan Davis


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