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AAA Self Storage Woodland | Woodland’s Best Self Storage

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AAA Self Storage is serving the Woodland area with storage solutions for your boats, RVs and household goods. Every unit is drive-up accessible. No hauling your boxes up stairs or down hallways. Unload from your vehicle straight into your unit!

With over 600 units in sizes from 5’x5′ – 15’x20′, and RV/boat parking with sizes from 10’x25′ – 10’x45′, AAA Self Storage has a storage solution that fits your needs.

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Keep Ants Out of Your RV


#sugarants #antsinrv #rvtipsandtricks Oh No! Ants! ANTS!!! If you have an RV and camp, we’ve all heard the yells when it comes to those annoying critters that invade our camper. If there is a path into the camper, these menacing bugs will overtake the pantry and any other place that may have something they want to eat.

Have no fear. We have a solution. There are many tips from tainted sugar to deadly sprays you can find on YouTube and throughout the web. Our solution has been used in backyard gardens for years and following the label directions can be very safe. Our objective is to keep harmful chemicals outside of the camper and only use safe solutions that won’t have a health impact to the human and pet occupants.

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RV Tire Safety: Lug nut torque – a critical safety item

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With RV tire expert Roger Marble

Those that have read their owner’s manual may recall seeing a mention of the need to check the lug nut torque. In this case, we are talking about how “tight” the nuts should be to ensure the wheels stay on our vehicles. Others may have a warning label on the inside of their RV. This is from my Class C Coachmen:

(Click to enlarge.)

NOTE: Class A’s and RVs with 10-bolt wheels probably require a service truck and torque in the 450 ft-lbs range, so this info may not apply to you as you will need significantly different tools.

First, the simple answer:

(Click to enlarge)

• Look up the specification in the Owner’s Manual.

Here is a sample page from Heartland RV. Note they tell you how often to check and how tight to make the lug nuts and even the pattern for the sequence of tightening the lug nuts.

• With your torque wrench, follow the instructions for both frequency and how tight the lug nut should be.

• What to do if you don’t know what a torque wrench is? Watch this video

• What to do if you don’t own a torque wrench? Check this video for a comparison of different wrenches. You do not need to buy the most expensive wrench as, hopefully, you will be only using the wrench a couple times after a tire or wheel was changed on your RV, or maybe a couple times a year per your Owner’s Manual instructions. For infrequent use I have found Harbor Freight non-digital torch wrench adequate.

Now some background:

Do not lubricate the stud or lug nut with oil. This can affect the torque reading and could lead to stripped threads in lug nuts ($) or broken wheel studs ($$$).

This website gives a technical background on why not to lubricate lug nuts.

Some Technical Info for those that want to know more:

Torquing a bolt is to get a certain amount of stretch out of the bolt. If torquing a bolt to 80 ft-lbs, it is technically more accurate to say, “When you torque this bolt to 80 ft-lbs, it will cause it to stretch by .0030 inches.” In critical applications such as race engines, many engine builders use certified bolts and actually measure the stretch of the bolts rather than using a torque wrench.

Think of the bolt like a spring. When you torque it, you’re stretching it so that it exerts force on what you’re holding together. This video goes deep into bolt stretch vs. torque.

When I was driving my race car, confirming the torque of the lug nuts was MANDATORY before each track session. With this as a standard practice, I never had a wheel come lose in 30 years of racing.


Read more from Roger Marble on his blog at RVtiresafety.net.



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How To Level Your RV Fast And Accurate!


How to level your RV easily every time can be quick and efficient. There are many ways to level your RV or Camper, we thought we would share what we have found to be the fastest and most accurate way to level our RV. We Use the Anderson Levelers and the Level Mate Pro with the app.

Level Mate Pro . https://amzn.to/2LrIodo
Andreson Camper Leveler . https://amzn.to/2GJBXif
Good ol bubble level . https://amzn.to/2x8EOl9
Ti Lynx blocks https://amzn.to/2kjO38U

Here is our Amazon page for our favorite gear. We will be adding more products as we find more products we use and love. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.


Passport America WE USE THIS ALL THE TIME. https://passportamerica.com?rfsn=2638351
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Are you a member of Thousand Trails? What do you think?

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thousand trails sign

Thousand Trails was, until recently, a membership chain of RV parks. An individual membership was required. Today, most RVers who stay are, in fact, members, but others can stay on occasion for a nightly fee. Joining can cost hundreds of dollars or many thousands of dollars, depending on the benefits. If you’re a member, what do you think? Is a membership worth it? Read more and vote. Your comment is invited.

Take our poll, then please leave a comment.


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How to back up an RV / Trailer "tail swing"


***Link to cone setup below***
The most common piece of advice that is given to new RV owners is to go out to a parking lot and practice backing up around cones. That is good and all but HOW should you setup the cones???

The maneuvers in this video are setup to teach control of the trailer, and build confidence in the driver. The best drivers are confident and relaxed.

This link shows diagrams of how to setup each maneuver. Yes these are the same backing maneuvers used to test CDL drivers. If new truck drivers can parallel park a semi truck, YOU can parallel park an RV.

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Three suspects charged in Missoula stolen bike ring

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MISSOULA – Three men have been charged with the theft in what court documents say is many thousands of dollars in bicycles and parts.

Justin Frazier, Dylan Mace and Clint Randall were arrested Wednesday after Missoula Police executed a search warrant on a home on the 1200 block of South 6th Street West that the three men were associated with.

When police arrived on the scene of the home, there were many bicycles located around and in an RV in the back of the home.

Police reported that a few highly valued bicycles were easily identified as stolen. According to court documents, police interviewed a few witnesses at the scene who all confirmed that they assumed the bikes were stolen.

One witness told police Frazier and Mace were competing to see who could steal the most valuable bike.

All three remain in the Missoula County Detention Center.

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Is WALMART RV PARKING Over? Why are Walmarts turning away…


Hi Everyone, welcome to Episode 16 of BE A NOMAD, CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Today, I’ll explain Walmart’s corporate policy is on overnight RV Parking or Overnight Camping, WHY some Walmart’s are turning full time RV and VanLife away and the best way to search for free alternative camping in your area.
ALLSTAYS WALMART LINK:https://www.allstays.com/c/wal-mart-locations.htm
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Event at the Sweetwater / I-75 / Exit 62 KOA Campground in Tennessee

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Bluegrass and BBQ

What says Tennessee better than Bluegrass music and BBQ? Can you do some pickin’? Want to listen to some down-home music? Then this is the weekend for you! On Saturday we will have open pickin’ in the afternoon from 1-4 pm, BBQ dinner at 5:00 pm and then round out the day with Bluegrass band OAKLAND ROAD who will play from 7-10:00. Registered guests will have free access to all activities, including dinner. There will be a $5 or $10 fee for guests that day, depending on if they eat dinner.

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New Owners RV Camper Gear Supplies Top Item Essentials For Newbies


Hello and welcome to the Great Outdoors RV Company. Join Ryan as he goes over your RV essentials, wants, and would-be-nice-to-have items for the novice or experienced Rver. You will need to take certain precautions about managing your RV so that you don’t run into problems in the future. Hope this video helps. Happy camping. Please let us know what we missed.

http://www.thegreatoutdoorsrv.com RV dealer offering New & Used RVs, Fifth Wheels, Travel Trailers, Toy Haulers, Expandable, and Pop-up Campers for sale.

At The Great Outdoors RV Service Center our goal is to provide you fast, friendly, and excellent service, getting you back in your RV as quickly as possible.

Rockwood Link-

With several accreditations and direct partnerships with major industry giants such as Onan, Dometic, Winegard, RVIA, Gerard Awning, Winnebago Electricity, and L.P. Gas, our RV Repair Center team includes professionals who have earned Master Tech Certification and carry over 50 years of combined experience in the RV industry! The Great Outdoors RV Service Team can correctly and efficiently provide you with a variety of RV-related upgrades and repairs on ALL RV MAKES AND MODELS including:

Installation of brake controllers for your truck.
Airbags for your truck.
Generator installation and accessories/parts repair.
Satellite TV Dish installation, repair and accessories/parts.
Solar panel installation, repair and accessories/parts.
Weight distribution hitch systems installation, repair, and parts.
RV vent covers.
Slide out diagnosis and repair.
Awning repair or replacement.

and many other RV and camper needs!

Discover the best…

outdoor adventure options in Travel Trailers, Fifth Wheels, Toy Haulers, and Pop-Up Campers. We are one of the largest RV dealers in the Tri-State area for Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska. Start creating memories of a lifetime and find your weekend today. Don’t miss out… Subscribe to our must watch videos:

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What Makes Us Different?
At The Great Outdoors RV, we know that you have several choices when it comes to purchasing a new or used RV and choosing a location to maintain or purchase quality parts for your investment. So what sets our store apart from the rest? Our full-service Colorado RV dealership location offers an excellent selection of New and Used Travel Trailers, Toy Haulers, Fifth Wheels and Pop-up campers.

As a family owned and operated business that has proudly served Evans/Greeley and the surrounding communities since 2005, we continually strive to build long-term client relationships built on mutual trust and respect.

We take pride in offering the best RV and Camper products and RV Service, as well as the lowest prices in Colorado and Southern Wyoming. We carry the all of the top brands including Rockwood, Stealth, Cedar Creek, Vengeance, XLR, and Wildwood.

Finance Your New or Used RV, Travel Trailer, Camper or Toy Hauler With Ease At Colorado’s Best Dealer.

The finance team at The Great Outdoors RV has years of experience and access to one of the largest networks of lenders who offer flexible rates and terms that can fit most budgets and credit situations that include good to bad credit profile scenarios.

We invite you to start the application process from the comfort of your home by completing our secure and encrypted online RV Finance application. One of our RV Finance team members will contact you shortly to discuss your application.

RV Finance and Loan Services Provided at The Great Outdoors RV:
Competitive rates from national lenders, local banks, and credit unions.

Quick approvals for any credit situation including good credit, no credit, bad credit, divorce, bankruptcy, collections and much more!
Value-added services to protect your recreational vehicle investment.

Extended RV warranty programs

We are always happy to answer your questions! Please don’t hesitate to contact us today – The Great Outdoors Is Waiting!

= Kids and Dogs are always welcome! =

Searching for directions?
The Great Outdoors RV is a Colorado RV dealership located in Evans, a small town located just 50 miles northeast of Denver, on the southern end of Greeley, Colorado.
CALL US TODAY! 970.313.4337