Camp Fire survivors surprised with new generator after previous one is stolen

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PARADISE, Calif. — A Camp Fire family living in a trailer in Paradise had their generator stolen last night, but in less than 24 hours, the community came together to help them out.

“Like how, why, like I don’t understand, why would anyone steal another person in an RV’s generator?” asked Daniel Skinner, a Camp Fire survivor.

Since losing their home in the Camp Fire on November 8th, the Skinner family has gone back and forth between living in an RV in Paradise and a house in Magalia.

“Bought the RV and had to get the generator with the last of our insurance money,” Skinner said. 

On Wednesday, the family came back and found their generator that was placed right here was gone, the chains cut and missing. Two of the gas tanks were gone. 24 hours later, two propane tanks were missing too.

Nearly immediately, the Orchard Church in Chico came to the rescue.

“Ran it through that checkout service, we were there for maybe 10 minutes and so it all just came together. We didn’t have a lot of generators, but it was just sitting right there for us,” said Greg Romani, a church member. 

But in the end, having a generator stolen is small in comparison to the mountains her family has surmounted, Skinner said. 

On November 8th last year, she was in labor, having contractions while stuck in traffic. An assistant EMT battalion chief got her to safety. Her baby, Mickey, was born a month later in good health.

“Every time just looking at our baby and knowing that she was resilient that they couldn’t find her heartbeat,” Skinner said. 

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