Budget RV Restoration – Running Low On Funds As I Work On The Wall (V1840)


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24 replies
    theMIKA RENOLDS says:

    Light colors to sandy desert to maybe a line green would be extream but would match the grass outside for a cool effect however the lighter color matches the inside a lot better

  2. Sue Bogue
    Sue Bogue says:

    Just for information, wainscot is pronounced to rhyme with 'put' in both British English and US. Not as in 'hot' or 'coat'. Google is a wonderful source 😊

  3. Ontheroadwith Joy
    Ontheroadwith Joy says:

    I just took a quick browse on Craigs list free page, and saw all sorts of things that could be employed to work on fixing the van. If I were you, I'd avail myself of some opportunities readily available. Yes it takes time and patience, and of course you'd rather have the good people here, make donations to the cause. There are also junkyards, that have old rvs, you can get parts and pieces from.

  4. Summer Snow
    Summer Snow says:

    If you’d clean those windows and put some curtains up – temporary nailed in shower curtains perhaps, it’d appear more like a home and generate more funds I believe as it appears you are getting nowhere fast, that the rig is a money pit. Do not know what you expected for 2 grand – this is why they say you get what you pay for.

  5. private account
    private account says:

    Denoy-how  about  renting  your  yurt2.0 to  someone   for  a  bit  of  money to  continue  repairs? someone  in  need  may  be  perfect/also you  can  make   muffins  or  bake  some  bread  to  sell  to  your  co works  and  get  some  extra  money  too- you  tube  has  tons  of  recipes   with  two  or  three  ingredients  without  oven,  and  I  have  worked  with  people  that  would  sell   their  wives  baking  good  and  it  works  for  themI  know  you  are  exhausted  but   gong  to  the  thrifty  getting  a  few  muffin  molds  and  a  couple  boxes  of  muffin  mix  at  a  dollar  or  so  and  bake  in  you  stove top  if  you  invest  a  dollar  for  a  box  and  get  6  muffins  to  sell  at  a  buck  each  you  get  five  dollars  clean return-

  6. private account
    private account says:

    in  a  obile  home  park  you  have  NO FRIENDS DENOY_  so  beware  and  don't  tell  anyone  nor  make  any  supposed  friends- people  have  nothing  to  do  but  be  noseying  around  to  go  complain  to  the  office at  any  opportunity- I  hate  rv  parks


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