Bigfoot 4 Season Fiberglass Trailer Walk-Through | Small Travel Trailers


Small travel trailer walk through of the Bigfoot RV 2500 series fiberglass travel trailers. These fiberglass trailers have a double hull with high density foam insulation for 4 season camping. Small Travel Trailers:

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31 replies
  1. wwindsunrain
    wwindsunrain says:

    These are comfortable 4 season trailers, great for winter camping. You're wrong about the thickness of the skin: the 1/8th" fiberglass does NOT go all the way around the trailer. Most of it is half that or less. I don't think the two shells are bonded together, the screws from the rub rail hold them together. The newer ones have roof trusses to stop the roof from sagging, which was a problem with the older ones.

  2. Ma'iingankwe H
    Ma'iingankwe H says:

    I was talking to my surgeon today while he was doing a procedure. He owns a Bigfoot and swears by it. Unfortunately, I didn’t ask for the year and unsure of the length. It was either 23’, 24’, or 25’. However, he did say he could take this pretty much anywhere and through some rough roads. His son is really big into skiing and therefore had been used in minis -40F weather. He said this was the best camper he knew of for the Alaskan cold and roads. He claimed his Bigfoot could go where most RV’s couldn’t and did a dang good job of keeping them warm whether it be for his son taking it skiing or for them hunting.

    I would’ve asked more questions, but unfortunately he had just started getting into some delicate work, and even though he had numbed me up pretty good, I could still feel more than I wished I could. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a brilliant surgeon, there are just times when it’s best to stop talking. The most important part, and this is what he emphasized, is it was the best made out there for Alaskan winters.

  3. CharlesinGA
    CharlesinGA says:

    There is also a rear twin bed version of the 25 ft, with 36 inch wide twin beds, which is a better utilization of floor space than the rear queen. Been looking for used ones, but really none on the market, apparently people hang on to them.

  4. sonictech1000
    sonictech1000 says:

    Could anyone explain why these fiberglass campers are so expensive? It looks to me like a simpler and less labor intensive design than wood construction and fiberglass has been around forever.

  5. Djack41
    Djack41 says:

    Be sure to also look at Oliver trailers. Double fiberglass construction with sandwiched foam insulation. Another great Oliver feature is the aircraft aluminum frame. Bigfoot and Oliver are pricey but will last and last.


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