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  1. Tyson #1 Fan
    Tyson #1 Fan says:

    I would've loved to hear what you guys talked about in the bike shop and what they had to say about your bike and what kinda frame is that and I know it's a bmx but it's not a common frame but what did they say about it at the shop??

  2. David Bozic
    David Bozic says:

    You have a lot of talent. Why aren't you working for the CIA. I'm being serious. Years ago I missed my calling by not going into Naval Flight School. I regret it every day. You could be making 250K by being an underwater ship or submarine welder. Wake up! 🐈

  3. No Name
    No Name says:

    Or trade the motor home for a truck and truck camper. That way you could drive it to work. Then you could get a large enclosed utility trailer you tow behind and turn it into a garage. You could probably store the utility trailer when you don't need it for $40 a month and most storage lot owners probably would not care if you went and hung out in the trailer for a few hours a day

  4. Thomas Decon
    Thomas Decon says:

    From 2003 to 06 I drove "Big Trks " cross country . I bought a really good mountain bike in one of the towns I was taking a load ! Ther was a perfect spot to store it behind the main cab . I was getting sent allover and a lot of places were in really small towns . When ever I could find a place to park for my off driving time to reset my log ,that was in or right outside of those towns . I would use my bike and go sightseeing ! they always had some kind of musseum, or historic place or some kind of town event . I got to meet the coolest people !! Now days I would be filming it all and posting on youtube ! THE only thing back then was " X-M Radio had just started! Latter I got a real light scooter that I could load by myself and used that !! FOR example, one town was where the Blue Grass Festivals for the US took place twice a year. I went in on a sat. nite and right before the festival and every building on main st, had groups of players practicing. It sure beat the hell out of parking lots and trk stops . and people always got a kick out of the fact that I had left my trk and come to visit !! I got a lot of really good food FREE !!


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