Best RV Inverter Generator? – Honda EU2200i vs Westinghouse iGen2500


Which inverter generator is best for powering your RV? The Honda EU2200i or the Westinghouse iGen2500?

Honda EU2200i:
Honda EU2200i Companion:
Honda Parallel Cables:
Westinghouse iGen2500:





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We’ve got our hands on two very similar inverter generators suitable for powering your RV – the Honda EU2200i and the Westinghouse iGen2500. One place where these generators are vastly different is price point. The Westinghouse iGen2500 costs $557, while the Honda EU2200i will set you back almost double at $1009. So is the Honda worth nearly twice the price?

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28 replies

    Did you look at champion? It has dual fuel capability and great reviews. It also has RV plugs which I didn't see on either of yours. Evidently you aren't concerned with running the air conditioner.

  2. Les Olson
    Les Olson says:

    Great video and lots of great comments below! One thing I would point out is that Honda parallel capability is NOT just with a Companion model, an EU1000i can parallel with it as well as the EU2000i and the EU3000i. Honda is the way to go and good for you with the Hutch Mountain Kits, I have 4 EU2200i, 4 EU2000i, and 1 EU1000i and they all work well in paralel with each other. Also Great move the the Micro Air Easy Start, I've had one installed for 2 1/2 years and LOVE IT!!!!  
    Cheers, Les

  3. Brad Davies
    Brad Davies says:

    Good video. You did miss a few salient points. The Honda generator has many accessories from many different sources and also a plethora of service centers, and parts are readily available.Where would you get a high-altitude carburetor needle for a Westinghouse and who would install it? YouTube has many videos on repairing a Honda generator and they are fairly easy to work on. The digital readout means very little to me, but that is in my application. The Honda will surge to 2200 watts for thirty minutes while most brands will surge to their max for thirty seconds. This may be why the Westinghouse can get more wattage from a smaller engine. Another feature about the Honda is resale. I have run into some hard times and had to sell two Eu 2000i's to make ends meet. From the time I purchased the units until the time I sold them the Honda's had gone up in price and I to about five percent less than what I paid for it and they sell quickly. Take good care of these units, oil is cheap and I change mine even if it ran for fifteen minutes. The last item is the warranty, keep a detailed spreadsheet of the maintenance done, as I have read Honda may ask for this for warranty work. The main warranty item is setting the valve lash, have a shop do it for a good record or take pictures and document your work. Honda has been know to void the warranty if this is not done at 200 hours. Honda generators are made to produce clean power consistently, and dependably; as for me keep the bells and whistles I electrical power Thanks for the video, good luck.

  4. Neal M
    Neal M says:

    at the end of it all, it comes down to cc 's. Output in inverter gens, or traditional gens output is directly tied to size of engine, more cc's more power output. Honda underrate their units

  5. Jett Jo johnson
    Jett Jo johnson says:

    New Honda outboards = junk in no time .
    Mercury still number one on the water .
    Yamaha is also a good outboard.
    I live in Alaska and, I'm on the ocean all the time.
    The older Honda did hold up better but now , no they dont .
    I'm sure the guy who made this video lives in a harsher environment then I do?

  6. Jett Jo johnson
    Jett Jo johnson says:

    I would put my old and high hour Sinepower that's been used on my boat and jobs for years , and being on the ocean mostly, generator up against a new Honda anyday.

    As a mater of fact, you would be hard pressed to find any Honda generators on boats anymore , a lot of guys have small generators as back up plus they use them.
    They are great taking out at hunting cabins and yes we use are also for camping.

  7. Jett Jo johnson
    Jett Jo johnson says:

    There are a number of generators that out preform Honda, my Sinepower, it has a Yamaha motor.
    It's been used a lot for years plus it's on my boat unless I use it for jobs, salt water is not very friendly.
    The one fisherman has gone through 3 Hondas and asked me about my generator.
    He bought the update version of the one I have.
    He wont buy another Honda now.
    He's been using this one for a few years .
    We put a lot of hours on them.
    I live in southeast Alaska.

    Other then regular service and a replacement pull cord, that's all I have done with mine.

  8. Paul Young
    Paul Young says:

    I go with Honda. I have s EU2200i. Love it. Dependable, quiet and easy to store. Runs my A/C in our Lance 850 no problem. I also have the battery charge cords to charge up our car battery if needed. Not jump but charge it. Wouldn’t go with anything else.

  9. Gw S
    Gw S says:

    Excellent review of these two generators. I have the Westinghouse 2200, the smaller version off the one reviewed, and I'm very pleased with it. However, I only purchased it for emergencies and we'll probably not run 25 gallons of gas through in its lifetime.

  10. David Totten
    David Totten says:

    I’ve had two of the earlier version Honda generators (2000i) for 16 years. They still run like new. Both of mine have been converted to propane early in there lives. The only negative I have is since they don’t put out as much power on propane, I need to use both for A.C. Even with an easy start. One thing for certain is that Honda rates output very conservatively, as my 2000 watt units (1600 running) easily put out about 2000 watts more than that without overloading as long as I’m not above about 5000 feet. Others seem to be rated a little high, and usually can do it near sea level.

  11. Allen S
    Allen S says:

    As much as I dislike C's List, it has some really good values on used Hondas. People sell them with almost no hours to get bigger or smaller.
    "Best" is subjective. Best price? Best reliability? Best warranty, Best resale? I go Best Value, and I bought a Honda EU3000is. (used)

  12. RV with Noni and Beard
    RV with Noni and Beard says:

    You left out Champion. American company American made, and a level of customer support that leaves the others in the dust.

    Champion recently sent replacement parts to a friend for his ten year old generator…free of charge. Honda's not doing that for nobody.

  13. SFC Retired
    SFC Retired says:

    You can also buy an external fuel kit on amazon for the honda and hook up a 5 gal tank for more run time. If i am not mistaken the honda has a fuel pump and a 30 amp plug on the companion.

  14. dahveed284
    dahveed284 says:

    I really like that "drain the carb" feature of the Honda. That's especially useful if you're running it on propane or seldom use the generator. You don't want the carb to get all clogged because the gas gunked up your carb in the 5 months you didn't use it. Running it dry will prevent that from happening and keep it ready to run when needed.

    Nice video!

  15. Todd Ramsay
    Todd Ramsay says:

    You have to remember your audience and also who they are targeting in camping which includes tent campers. Those USB ports on the generator are for tent campers who don't have other outlets like you do.

  16. DzyMsLizzy
    DzyMsLizzy says:

    Are they 2-cycle or 4-cycle engines?
    Honda for sure has many more years experience with small engines, motorcycles, etc.! I currently have a Honda 3000 whisper quiet (4-cycle) model, but it's a 2-person lift, and still awkward and heavy; I cannot lift it by myself, so I'll probably have to sell it, and get one of these smaller ones when I hit the road.

    As to power output and 'fudging the numbers,' I find that rather equivalent to vacuum cleaners advertising a high "peak horsepower" rating. Humph! It's only running at peak horsepower if you have the wand up in the air! The minute you put it under load, actually vacuuming a floor, furniture, or carpet, you're no longer getting that peak rating! It's a sales gimmick, and many who don't know better fall for it all the time.
    Also similar to the difference between an auto horsepower rating, and the actual output at the drive wheels! 😉

  17. Larry Overstreet
    Larry Overstreet says:

    We have the Honda eu2000i, the older version of the eu2200i, for over 10 years. We can easily run our A/C from it with the Easy Start that David talked about. The Westinghouse looks like a great generator, and if I was only using it part time, I'd be severely tempted. But I've never regretted buying a Honda product. From our generator, to our PCX scooter, to my Goldwing, to my weed wacker, to my cars. They've always been super high quality, reliable products, that lasted FOREVER! I get that the difference in price is important. And the display on the Westinghouse is super cool. I wish the Honda had that, for sure. But if I have to buy another one in five years, I'd have been better off buying the Honda. Either inverter-generator is FAR superior to a job-site generator, that smells bad and make a TON of noise, and irritates your camping neighbors. We recently dry-camped at a very large event (600,000 people). Standing literally right next to it, we couldn't even hear our Honda AT ALL over the clattering noise of the job-site generator from the campsite across the road from us. Either of these generators are WAY better than a job-site generator. Camping Friends don't let other Camping Friends buy job-site generators.


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