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The RV Odd Couple Hits a Brick Wall!

UCFeBETxrXt-vfGM4oMijXMw It’s the 3rd brick wall that John and Mercedes have experienced since their full-time RVing adventure began last year. What difficulties do these full-timers experience and how will they get through them? They also share their experience with the folks at the Forest River Sandpiper Plant when they returned to have some work done […]

Did something happen to The RV Wingman?

UCFeBETxrXt-vfGM4oMijXMw Alan Warren, The RV Wingman reports from the “belly of the beast” of the RV Industry (Elkhart, Indiana) and gives his perspective on what he’s learned. You’ll be surprised at what he says. Is he wimping out and drinking the Kool-Aid? Take a listen and let us know your thoughts. Post them below or […]

RV’s, Taxes and the IRS

UCFeBETxrXt-vfGM4oMijXMw With so many tax laws, how do they effect RVers? What can you deduct? What can you not deduct? What do full-time RVers need to know about the tax law? The RV Wingman interviews a CPA who has been doing tax work for businesses and individuals for 35 years. He’s also an RVer. He’ll […]

This RV Salesman does WHAT?

UCFeBETxrXt-vfGM4oMijXMw Matt Foxcroft has discovered a formula for growing his highly energized and very informative YouTube Channel by sharing his honest reviews of RVs. How honest? Very! Even the things he does NOT like in new RVs, Matt’s unique style and presentation is addicting. We give away $600 in $50 Amazon gift cards every week […]

Out and About with RV Nana – August 29, 2019

UCFeBETxrXt-vfGM4oMijXMw PPL’s Diana LeBlanc-Link shares some great advice on what to look for when shopping for a used RV. We give away $600 in $50 Amazon gift cards every week to those on our Email list. Add your name now: https://thervshowusa.com/subscribe Subscribe to our free RVing Newsletter, RV Travel, posted online weekly since 2001. Easy […]