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RV Water Pump FAIL & Replace + BLOOPERS!

UC2EOriLgUuwQn-uCHl58m_Q Our RV’s on-demand water pump has served us well for over 14 years. But now that it’s finally failed, we’ll show you how we replaced it, as well as the details on why we chose the replacement pump we did. FEATURED & RELATED PRODUCTS, AVAILABLE ON AMAZON: Remco Aquajet 3.4GPM Water Pump (55-Aquajet-AES) https://amzn.to/2O5HJCf […]

How To Connect an RV to External Propane

UC2EOriLgUuwQn-uCHl58m_Q As a follow-up to our recent video on wintering in an RV, we found that connecting our rig to a large external propane tank was a little bit more involved than we expected. FEATURED & RELATED PRODUCTS AVAILABLE ON AMAZON: “Extend-a-Stay” (or “Stay-a-While”): http://amzn.to/2DXUvuv If you’re planning to spend the winter in a cold […]

How To Sanitize an RV Water System

UC2EOriLgUuwQn-uCHl58m_Q Updated! We show you how to thoroughly sanitize both hot and cold sides of your RV’s fresh water system. Don’t have a winterizing kit? No problem! Here’s the trick we use: https://youtu.be/lEBscJ-qb98 Want to sanitize the cold water side only? Here’s how: https://youtu.be/kOlPwmwlaMo FEATURED & RELATED PRODUCTS AVAILABLE ON AMAZON: 20′ Slunky Sewer Hose […]

HOW TO: Convert Fluorescent RV Lights to LEDs

UC2EOriLgUuwQn-uCHl58m_Q UPDATE! We’re upgrading our LED conversion with high-end LED tubes. See how we did it here: http://youtu.be/B3JFLErfMxw M4 LED Products is offering a special discount for RVgeeks viewers. Visit their website at http://M4Products.com and enter the discount code “RVgeeks5” at checkout to receive a 5% discount on your entire order! FEATURED & RELATED PRODUCTS […]

RV TPMS – Don't Leave Home Without It! Tire Pressure Monitoring System by EEZ Tire.

UC2EOriLgUuwQn-uCHl58m_Q Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems are a must-have piece of safety gear on an RV. We wouldn’t leave home without ours! We’ve spent the past 6 months testing our EEZ Tire TPMS system, and today we’re reporting on our experience. If you’d like to buy one of these awesome TPMS systems for your RV, they’re […]

How To Re-String a Pleated RV Day/Night Window Shade

UC2EOriLgUuwQn-uCHl58m_Q Pleated day/night window shades are a common feature in just about every class of RV. Since the design relies on thin fabric cords sliding across hard plastic parts, cord wear and breakage is a distinct possibility. Replacement Day/Night Shade Cord on Amazon (100 yard roll, multiple colors available): http://amzn.to/2EBTdqa During our 9+ years of […]

What's in Our RV Technology Cabinet? Geek Tech!

UC2EOriLgUuwQn-uCHl58m_Q Since we’re both Geeks, and RVers, people ask about our mobile tech all the time. We take you on a tour of our technology to give you an idea of how much tech can be packed into a small space! FEATURED & RELATED PRODUCTS AVAILABLE ON AMAZON: Airport Extreme Wireless Router: http://amzn.to/2DKMd9n QNAP 6-Bay […]

Clean Your RV's Gray Water Tank & Sensors

UC2EOriLgUuwQn-uCHl58m_Q Besides water, an RV gray tank (or “grey” if you trend more British) takes in lots of greasy, sticky substances. These include food particles & residue from preparing meals and washing dishes, soap, shampoo, toothpaste & even body oils. After a while, it can gum up your holding tank sensors, causing a false reading […]

How To Maintain RV Slide-Out Seals

UC2EOriLgUuwQn-uCHl58m_Q RV slide-out rooms have both inner and outer seals (I also refer to them as gaskets, but seals is probably the more accurate word). They keep the slides sealed against the elements whether they are extended or retracted. Keeping them working smoothly is a quick and easy once-a-year maintenance item… probably the simplest task […]