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2018 Serenity

Dean takes us on a tour through the 2018 Serenity by Leisure Travel Vans. Everything from the exterior and interior details to everyday use in any setting. To learn more about the Serenity: https://leisurevans.com/build/serenity/ Explore the Serenity: https://leisurevans.com/serenity/ Features: https://leisurevans.com/serenity/features/ Floorplan: https://leisurevans.com/serenity/floorplans/ Photos: https://leisurevans.com/serenity/photos/ Virtual Tour: https://leisurevans.com/serenity/virtual-tours/ Design: https://leisurevans.com/serenity/design/ Specifications: https://leisurevans.com/serenity/specifications/ Owners: Resources: https://leisurevans.com/owners/ 📅 […]

2020 Unity Rear Lounge

Introducing the 2020 Unity Rear Lounge, with 2 living spaces, seating for 4 and sleeping for up to 4. https://leisurevans.com/unity-rl/ The Unity Rear Lounge features a first-of-its-kind innovative layout with two separate living areas, a 57″ × 75″ Murphy bed, completely redesigned modern interior, and a host of new technology including the all-new Dometic IoT […]

2019 Unity Murphy Bed

UChQFfKPfdkuXLFkSM24sSbA Enjoy a guided tour through the 2019 Unity MB, featuring the optional patented Leisure Lounge Plus, a 68″ × 76″ bed, a three-piece dry bathroom with large stand-up shower, a 39″ pop-up LED TV, and contoured exterior walls. Configure your Unity today: https://leisurevans.com/build/unity/ Explore the 2019 Unity MB: https://leisurevans.com/unity/ Features: https://leisurevans.com/unity/features/murphy-bed Floorplan: https://leisurevans.com/unity/floorplans/ Photos: […]

Our RV Design Process

UChQFfKPfdkuXLFkSM24sSbA At the beginning stages of building one of our RV’s, each unit requires well over 500 drawings before we start our build. It is that time and dedication that we invest that makes us stand out. Our design work pays special attention to small details, functionality, form, ease of use, and best use of […]

The Unity RV vs Class A Motorhome

UChQFfKPfdkuXLFkSM24sSbA The small compact Unity Class B RV takes on a large 42′ Class A motorhome. https://leisurevans.com/build/unity/ Explore the Unity: https://leisurevans.com/unity/ Features: https://leisurevans.com/unity/features/ Floorplan: https://leisurevans.com/unity/floorplans/ Photos: https://leisurevans.com/unity/photos/ Virtual Tour: https://leisurevans.com/unity/virtual-tours/ Design: https://leisurevans.com/unity/design/ Specifications: https://leisurevans.com/unity/specifications/ Owners: Resources: https://leisurevans.com/owners/ 📅 Upcoming dealer shows: https://leisurevans.com/events/category/dealer-shows/ 📷 Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/leisurevans/ #LeisureVans #ExploreWithUnity source

Alaska Caravan RV Adventure

UChQFfKPfdkuXLFkSM24sSbA Our last leg of our journey with the 2014 Alaska Caravan brought us from Kenai to Seward, a small costal town on the Kenai Peninsula Borough. The group departed Kenai at their own leisure and we took our time exploring the highways and sites between Kenai and Seward. Continue reading: http://leisurevans.com/blog. The 2014 Alaska […]

2019 Wonder Murphy Bed

UChQFfKPfdkuXLFkSM24sSbA Dean takes us on a tour through the 2019 Wonder MB by Leisure Travel Vans. From the hidden queen-size Murphy Bed to the abundance of interior and exterior storage, every inch is utilized to its maximum potential in the Wonder. https://leisurevans.com/build/wonder/ Explore the Wonder: https://leisurevans.com/wonder/ Features: https://leisurevans.com/wonder/features/ Floorplan: https://leisurevans.com/wonder/floorplans/ Photos: https://leisurevans.com/wonder/photos/ Virtual Tour: https://leisurevans.com/wonder/virtual-tours/ […]