Are BUDDY HEATERS SAFE Inside an RV ?? | Carbon Monoxide FULL TEST( REVIEW)


The question I want to find out is CAN YOU SLEEP all night long with a BUDDY HEATER turned on in your RV. What about a tent ? A room in your HOME ? Does is give off Carbon MONOXIDE ??


Hello ! My Names Taylor . As of right now me and my GirlFriend Live FULL-TIME in my 2017 Arctic fox 990 Truck Camper. Hope to share my journey with you and maybe even inspire you ! Welcome to the RV LIFESTYLE My Friends !!


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  1. La-lena Metasites
    La-lena Metasites says:

    If it makes you feel better, I used the big buddy for two years in my 30 ft trailer (2016 & 17) while I built my house. I even had plastic over my windows. I of course had an o2 censor in my trailer, just in case. It kept me warm and safe. I dont know why all the fuss when it has the safety already installed. Good luck

  2. Harvey Marx
    Harvey Marx says:

    First you are using a cheap unreliable co detector. Second what you are missing and what make you and what you are saying dangerous is you are testing a new and CLEAN radiant heater. After hours of use dust collects inside the burner where inexperienced and uninformed people like you can't see it. Even if your advice kills one person is that too much?

  3. Geoffrey Curtis
    Geoffrey Curtis says:

    Rv and caravans are designed so theyre not fully enclosed unless you block all the openings. I left mine on all night , I'm still here. AND I slept really well because I wasnt cold and it was -3°C outside. Works for me!

  4. K K
    K K says:

    We usually camp at 10000-11000 feet in elevation. I wonder if it is designed for high altitude. I have a different brand of heater that is almost impossible to light where I live at close to 9000 ft. I called the manufacturer and they told me it wasn't designed to be used over 4000 ft. It shouldn't even be sold up here in that case. I would expect more CO to be produced at high elevation.

  5. Dubious
    Dubious says:

    Why do people sleep with the heater on?
    Have it on in the evening and turn it on in the morning, but don't let it run during the night
    Humans usually sleep better in the cold

  6. Sharyn Desengo
    Sharyn Desengo says:

    Just for the hell of it you should look into a Diesel heater, I have installed one in a old caravan and it's great. Cheap to run but you will need a deep cycle battery.
    you can get a cheap knock off chinese one. Anyhow check out some youtube clip to get a better idea. Cheers

  7. Kitty Gonzalez
    Kitty Gonzalez says:

    I have e used mine a lot in my 17 ft trailer with a vent open. I have NEVER had my carbon monoxide alarm sound because of this heater … it has sounded when I am cooking on my propane stove, and also when I used the propane heater that is in my trailer!

  8. tami stone
    tami stone says:

    This thing produces DiHydrogen Monoxide in massive quantities. Worldwide more people are killed by DiHydrogen Monoxide than Carbon Monoxide, people even drink this stuff! Nobody ever talks about the dangers of it yet it’s pervasive and all around us. If you want a real scare look up the dangers of DiHydrogen Monoxide!

  9. Dianne McCarthy
    Dianne McCarthy says:

    duh, its burning propane which exhausts CO.. At lower levels of exposure, CO causes mild effects that are often mistaken for the flu. These symptoms include headaches, dizziness, disorientation, nausea and fatigue. if it shuts off for lack of O2, your probably already unconscious or dead from lack of.. i wouldnt think there's any safe level of CO.. and O2 is nice to have. and dont count your life on a sensor..

  10. Das Boot
    Das Boot says:

    I do think that of you've ever smoked in life like I did. I smoked about 30 years, and I feel after using mine for four winters or I say about four months every year for anywhere from 6 to 12 hours a day it May be the reason my health got Bad. O believe it May have advanced in my lungs a disease called Copd but I can't be for certain. I am certain that before I ever used this little heater that I had a bout with Copd and it lasted maybe 3 months. I have had several bouts with Copd and they seem to come out of nowhere. So as I said it just maybe better if you are a smoker or have smoked in the past, not to use this device to much as it May result in Copd episode's that could last a few months. I will never use one again indoors but I can and will use mine in a very open space from now on.

  11. Kathy Lippencott
    Kathy Lippencott says:

    The burning of propane equals H2O that's water my friend. Keep researching you will find out. The reason you keep a window open is to let the humid air out and let oxgyen in. Otherwise the exterior walls will start dripping water both inside the walls and on the windows. I have used these little heaters for years and also an Olympus 3. Carbon-monoxide is not the problem when burning propane. Natural gas, butane, gasoline, diesel will all kill you. Check out the chemistry, burning propane combined with oxygen equals = H2O (water)

  12. Viking V
    Viking V says:

    Here is what happens: its a flame, flame needs oxygen, your O2 levels go so low you suffacate and die. So open a window so you can let in some fresh air

  13. chris skipper
    chris skipper says:

    Not sure about that specific heater, but my son who is a fireman was called to a scene where a guy killed himself by using a heater in his truck that put out carbon monoxide…it wandering a cold sand in north Texas. The guy had pulled over at a truck stop presumably to sleep through some icing on the roads. He wasn't found for several days and it was evidently a very unpleasant discovery for my son and his crew that ran on the call.

  14. Thomas W
    Thomas W says:

    Providing there's minimal ventilation it's fine, nobidy grumbles about cooking with gas or using gas fires in their home.

    The only time it'll be an issue is if you're in a completely sealed space

  15. Fozzy
    Fozzy says:

    in the 80's we used the full size propane tank version to warm our class rooms. no issues. the problems com from un-serviced or damaged ones

  16. Belinda Bonnici
    Belinda Bonnici says:

    I purchased one of these today. I have decided to only use it for ten minutes at a time to minimise carbon monoxide poisoning. We will use it inside our ventilated Van when camping. It will be used just to get undressed or to quickly warm it up.

  17. GreenSheep Nomad
    GreenSheep Nomad says:

    I was just telling my wife today that we need to get one of these buddies for next winter. I don't have any way to heat my house if the power goes out. I figure that at worst I could keep one room warm. Thank you for making the video. It answered a question I had about them.


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