Aquatic Floating RV


Check out this amazing marine design that combines boat with coach for the Giljam family. Subscribe for more automotive documentaries and videos.


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  1. Charles Clements
    Charles Clements says:

    How well does that thing handle in stormy weather? How much of a sea can that thing tolerate/ How fast is it going to sink if it gets water in it? Do you need a captains license to operate it on the water?

  2. Vincintosh
    Vincintosh says:

    How does this thing float? I mean, he said the side air tanks are there for stability. How does it then achieve to float? If you throw a bus into water or even a car, you're used to see them sink immediately…

  3. salemcripple
    salemcripple says:

    I think it's so funny that when this FIRST came out, it didn't have stabilizers, and everyone that watched the video that knew about boats commented how unstable it was. The designers said "it's not unstable! That's just the waves!" Lol well look at it now!


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