Annual RV Maintenance – 30K Mile Motorhome – Full Time RV


Annual RV Maintenance – 30K Mile Motorhome – Full Time RV: We took Ruby to Red Bay for annual Rv maintenance. This was her 30,000 mile maintenance check-up. Find out how much this cost! Good thing we have an emergency fund!

Red Bay Diesel:

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  1. Karen and Steve Fischer
    Karen and Steve Fischer says:

    We are working on our 7th year of FTing in our 2010 Phaeton. We have used Bay Diesel almost exclusively for our routine maintenance work because we trust them and I really like the ability to be in the bays watching (and learning) while the techs work. We are currently in Red Bay and have an appointment with Bay Diesel on Monday for routine maintenance and will have the shocks replaced on our rig. I try to do as much maintenance as possible, but as FTers, most of the time it just isn't practical. Enjoy your videos.

  2. Cynthia Frye
    Cynthia Frye says:

    Before you try some of your repairs yourself, I suggest you watch some of the maintenance videos on the RVgeeks channel. Their videos are very good and maybe they can help you decide what you can do and what you should let the pros do. I know they have helped me gain more convenience about fixing problems, when I get on the road full time. Hope this comment helps and have safe travels.

  3. C MH
    C MH says:

    As someone in the business, you did all the right maintenance. Let the manufacture do the maintenance. They stand behind their work and you know its done to factory spec, using the correct parts and fluids. It also helps with the resale value that it was serviced at the factory. And, if you ever have a major repair, they can help (goodwill) with the cost.

  4. Lee
    Lee says:

    Just found you two and learning a lot. I'm thinking of buying a motorhome but thinking of a more bus type with no slides. I'm afraid of the slides being problematic with age and mine will not be new. What have you been hearing?
    Thanks, Lee

  5. James Shoemaker
    James Shoemaker says:

    Just saw this video. Y’all are better off paying to have someone service your chassis. Even changing your engine oil, you’ve gotta have a container to catch 11 gallons or so of oil then dispose of it. I’ve yet to change the oil in my semi truck that I didn’t get oil all over me and the floor of the shop. I try and do maintenance and repair that I can but oil services and fluid changes I usually let someone else do. Keeping a grease gun handy is a good idea though. Steering components, slack adjusters on your brakes, anything with a grease fitting that you can get to is easy piece of mind to keep lubricated and last as long as possible. These are just my thoughts from binge watching your videos I haven’t seen yet since I started following your channel a couple weeks ago.

  6. clark clarke
    clark clarke says:

    But also remember when you talk it to the shop the mechanics can raise the truck to see the underbelly … You guys will not have that ability … Just be careful and safe … I know it's cheaper to want to do stuff ourselves however ..with you guys on the road like that .. safely first …. Be well

  7. RedRoofRetriever
    RedRoofRetriever says:

    Do you carry a "Spares" kit for emergencies? Oil filter, fuel filters, air filters, belts, for the rig and the generator are a good thing to have if you need it. You can buy oil at any Walmart but they won't likely have the filter for yours should you need it for a roadside repair. If you buy filters off the shelf, check the seals and O rings are in tact and good condition – not missing – before you buy it and stow it away. I bought an oil filter that was missing the seal one time, creates a problem on a Sunday. Used the old filter oring and went with it, because I didn't check.

  8. KJRitch
    KJRitch says:

    Is this the first service? I thought with Cummins there is a 15k oil and oil filter and fuel filter service and some basic lube change. Thanks, safe travels.

  9. Jean Decker
    Jean Decker says:

    Did the mechanics need to do any work inside the coach? I heard that some things can't be done from the outside. Do they work on any diesel regardless of make and year?

  10. Stephanie Thurow
    Stephanie Thurow says:

    Just found your channel tonight and y’all are making great videos. Thanks for all the tips (we’re about 4 months out from buying a class A). Idea for a video.. dog info. How did you get your dog use to the rv and travel? Are you nervous leaving your dog in the rv when go out? Thanks again and appreciate all the great info you’re sharing !

  11. RV Gragg
    RV Gragg says:

    I have used Bay Diesel once and was very pleased. I will be back to them in August ti have the 30,000 mile service done and Safe T Plus installed. Along with just changing filters and fluids, they perform numerous other checks on the rig that seems to justify the price for me. Great video and happy travels.


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