6 Month RV Trip Across America – Day 1


This video was Day 1 – Season 1. Watch the entire 6 months in under 3 min here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=If0BFJiEXuc

After months of planning, the day has finally come to put everything in storage and move into the RV to live full-time for the next six months.

An intro video is coming soon… but here’s a glimpse of the plan. Lake Powell, Zion, Bryce Canyon, Yellowstone, Minnesota, Michigan, Montreal, Maine, Manhattan, DC, Florida, and Austin TX.

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34 replies
  1. Stephen DeNagy
    Stephen DeNagy says:

    Camperworld? ‘Nuff said. Properly inflated (and not overloaded) camper tires do not explode on their first loaded journey. Period. Even if overloaded and under inflated they will take time to degrade and fail. Should be a warranty replacement. I wonder how old the tires were by manufacture date…

  2. Ricardo P.
    Ricardo P. says:

    My days seem soooooo short because I spend so much time binge watching your videos. I absolutely love them. Beautiful family and beautiful memories and adventures.

  3. Me Here
    Me Here says:

    We just learned something this week as we had new tires put on our 36' 2 bedroom 5th wheel trailer. Before leaving I like to check the tire pressures but needed them to be at 84lbs. each. I took the the rig to a tire center (not the original place I had the tires put on because they did not have space for 53' of truck and trailer to get in and out of). I was SHOCKED when I was told that the tires could NOT be inflated to 84 (of the 90lbs) capacity but they were already over loaded at 64. WHAT? They were ST tires how could this be? It turned out the installer put CAR TIRE STEMS on these heavy duty rims. If we had suffered a catastrophic tire failure I would have blamed the tires not knowing it was the tire stems even though I am not JUMPING to the defense of ST China Bombs.

  4. Amy D
    Amy D says:

    Thank you Nathan for helping this sweet family!! Nathan, you have a blessing coming your way!! This world is full of people who would have just driven by.

  5. Joe Vento
    Joe Vento says:

    I have been watching your videos lately and must say I find them to be very informative and delightful. I am curious how you manage to have all this free time to travel with the kids while flowing the expense. Is home schooling involved? Either way you all rock I look forward to watching all the videos.

  6. Luis Gutierrez
    Luis Gutierrez says:

    Hello to your wholenfamily! I ran into your video when I was looking at Big Truck Big RV. I'm looking in buying a F450 or 3500HD Chevrolet. How can you afford to do this without working while touring the country? I would like to do the same but I'm still saving for the RV. You guys be safe!

  7. Deb clements
    Deb clements says:

    I have just started watching your videos. You have started my bucket list dream. I am still just in the planning stage. Will be watching all the videos I can find on u-tube. Keep on trucking.

  8. Tom Kennedy
    Tom Kennedy says:

    I'm watching this in May of 2019 and looking back at this adorable family, so young and naive –
    the adventures they'll have,
    the camera tech Mark will attain,
    the cheap Chinese tires they'll replace.
    Of course they got lots of help – just have Trish and Tori stand out there on the road and there'll be a pile up to help.
    And Caleb already being the smart aleck, while Carson quietly sits to the side.
    Was Nathan the first KYD Insider?

  9. Amber Snow
    Amber Snow says:

    Came back to watch #1 to see how far your videos have come, and while I noticed it at first, I had completely forgotten it by the end due to the great story. You've always been amazing with the story telling!

  10. Justyburger
    Justyburger says:

    Nice first video. I'm thinking of an RV trip across America too. Maybe starting in LA or the Bay Area, then ending in Toronto where my Sister lives. I'm just not sure exactly the best route to take. I also wanted to go through parts of Texas, but that would create a half moon shaped journey. Alternatively a more northerly arc, heading through Wyoming and eventually either to Detroit, then Toronto or up into Canada earlier and come down to Toronto? We would hire the RV.


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